Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy bakers

Life around my house has been crazy lately. Like I said yesterday, we are down to one car which means I spend a large part of my (or what seems like anyways) driving back and forth from wherever Emersyn is hanging out that day (usually at her Nana's in Tigard) and my work in Hillsboro and either Brett's work downtown or the MAX lightrail station.

Because of all this driving, I feel like our evenings are so short and sometimes my heart aches a little at the lack of time that I get to spend with Emersyn due to work and just LIFE I guess. Last night we got home at about 7:45 and I decided to just seize the opportunity to spend some quality time with my girl. Fortunately, she had already eaten dinner (thank you Brianne!) so we didn't have to spend time preparing and eating. Brett heated up some leftover pizza and I decided to wait to eat until after Emersyn went to bed.

Emersyn just LOVES the pumpkin loaf at Starbucks; who doesn't?!?! I knew I had a can of pumpkin in my pantry so I decided that our evening would be best spent baking. Ems and I made these pumpkin muffins from AllRecipes.com. (I used a 15oz can of pumpkin in place of the fresh roasted pumpkin and also substituted applesauce for the oil).

"I'm ready to bake Mommy!"

Instead of spending the evening dwelling over the fact that I didn't get to spend as much time with Emersyn as I might have liked, I seized the evening and made a fun memory with my sweet girl. It won't be long before I don't have as much on my plate with work and I can say with full confidence that I will NEVER take my life as a SAHM for granted.

Do you ever get discouraged with how *busy* you are?


Mandy said...

No. Never. ;-)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures, Patti!
Wish I would have taken some of Jilly and I tonight as we worked together to make daddy's special birthday cake. :)

So, proud of you for seizing the moment. I don't do it often enough but I'm working on it!!


Aimee said...

We LOVE pumpkin bread at our house. We made some gluten-free pumpkins last week. I think its time to make some more! We used applesauce and honey instead of oil and sugar. I wasn't sure what to expect, but they were SO good and felt hearty, not too sweet.

I have to admit, I love being a SAHM, I don't get bored. There is always something to do! It's always what I wanted to do and I am lucky that my husband has allowed me that. (Because I know sometimes he wishes we had the extra income.) I am so excited for you that in a few short weeks you will get to stay home too!