Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} A couple of days ago I was in the bathroom getting ready and I heard that distinct sound of Emersyn getting into the cat food, which is kind of a new thing for her. I yelled gently called out to Brett downstairs to let him know that Ems was up to no good and that I couldn't deal with it because I was trying to get ready. When he came upstairs I expected him to scold Emersyn for getting into the cat food. Instead, I heard him ask her what she was doing and she said she wanted to feed the kitty so Brett helped her go downstairs and get a smaller scoop for the food instead of trying to use the big bowl and get cat food everywhere. He then explained that she only needs to feed the kitty when mommy or daddy ask her to and she shouldn't get into it by herself. My first reaction would be to get annoyed and shoo Emersyn out of the food but Brett was patient and saw it as a teachable moment. I admire this about him and it makes me want to be a more patient parent.

{2} I wish that Fall lasted a little longer then it does.

{3} Emersyn has this new thing where she says, "soooo.....ummm...." like she is trying to start a conversation. It's hilarious and adorable.

{4} After we ate dinner on Thanksgiving, we put the turkey carcass back in the crockpot roaster thingy to boil off the meat and make a turkey broth. For some reason, whenever we took the lid off to check the turkey, this one turkey leg would raise up and peek outside the roaster and it was really creepy and funny at the same time. We were laughing about it and now that is Emersyn's FAVORITE story. She tells everyone about the "icky" turkey leg and says "it was soooo nasty!!!".


Enough said. :)
{6} Got my hair colored and cut today and am feelin' like a new woman.
{7} On the way to my in-laws, I drive by a lot of llamas. I may or may not honk at them for the amusement of my daughter. :)
{8} Taco salads for dinner tonight!
{9} We are trading in our car on Wednesday night, remember this post? The dealer took notice of the various unhappy reviews that I left regarding our experience and now wants to "make it right". They are giving us exactly what we paid for our car and we're getting a new one for 25% off which is a sale price. The best part is, we basically got a free car to drive for these past two weeks since our new loan will start this Wednesday and our payment won't be due for another 45 days. Whoo hoo. :)
Happy Monday everyone!!

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Melissa said...

AWESOME about the car!!!! :) :)

Love the turkey leg story hahaha.

LOVE getting my hair done!