Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Miscellany

{1} Due to a variety of circumstances, I found out yesterday that Thanksgiving is going to be at MY house this year! Normally the planner in me would be freaking out at the last minute notice but I'm determined to make the holidays STRESS free! I'm excited to create a warm atmosphere in my home this Thanksgiving.

{2} I rented THIS book from the library this weekend:

I'm excited to read it. I read some bits and pieces from "The Macs" blog and I really liked it. At this point in my life, I am ready to be a better friend.
{3} In light of our hosting gig this upcoming week, Brett and I decided to dive head first into cleaning the garage F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. We also picked the coldest day ever to be out there but it was all good. Ems took a nice long nap and Brett and I got the garage cleaned out and organized. We loaded my van up with items to be donated, recycled, and tossed. It was liberating. Now we can have a ping pong tournament on Thanksgiving. What's a holiday without a little healthy competition? :)
{4} Here's a miscellaneous picture of my adorable daughter playing with her puzzle this morning while I did some bible study.

{5} I am going to take Emersyn to a professional to have her bangs cut, maybe on Wednesday? In the meantime she is rocking a Cindy Loo Hoo look. :)

{6} I used to hate Chipotle. Like with a passion. But now I like it. I think my husband was praying for this to happen. God answers even silly prayers. I prayed that Brett would like sushi and now he does.
{7} Last night while I was going through toys to donate I could tell that Emersyn wasn't entirely thrilled but she didn't say anything really. I finally had sorted through the toys and had a pile set to the side of stuff that belongs in her kitchen, including this block of fake Tillamook cheese.

I gathered up the pile and headed to Emersyn's kitchen to put it all away. Emersyn looked at me with pleading eyes and said very seriously, "don't give away my cheese mama". Brett and I died laughing. It's like she drew the line when it came to the cheese being donated. I adore her. And I didn't want to forget this little story (I already Facebook'd it) so here it is again on my blog. :)


Jules said...

We are hosting our family Thanksgiving this year too. I am excited even though I know how much work is coming my way.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tiffany said...

I'm hosting too...we are such grown ups :)

Julia said...

I agree, such grown-ups! But I do love that hosting requires I clean the house top to bottom, which makes it so much nicer for the whole holiday season! And I'm so impressed with your garage cleaning extravaganza--great job!!
Try to keep in mind that what people will remember about the Thanksgiving at your place is not the decor or the dust or even the amazing food, they will remember that YOU had a great time and that made them have fun. Can't wait to hear about it!

sister sheri said...

Love the Cindy Lou!

We're having Thanksgiving at my house, but I knew that. Finally cleared out the bonus room so that the kids will have somewhere safe to play.

Friendships for women... you wouldn't think we'd need a book for that... but WE DO! So necessary!