Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Playing along with Lemonade Makin' Mama today. :) 

Currently loving....this season in life with my littles. Is it hard? Yes, at times of course. But I love having a preschooler and sweet baby. Everett is the happiest boy on the planet and so ready to start walking once he figures out how to let go of furniture and get enough coordination. Am I encouraging this behavior? Absolutely not. Crawling already has changed the game quite a bit, walking will bring about even more change. I never encourage mobility! ;) Emersyn is at a sweet age too, her life is one big musical, one song after another. She makes my heart happy. 

Currently reading.....Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.

Currently waiting husband to have peace and figure out what he wants to go to school for! It's a big decision. 

Currently excited parents to come visit for a week and a half next week! They get here a week from today. I have lots to do and clean before they get here. They haven't seen my kids since Christmas when Everett was barely 4 months old. A lot has changed. :) 

Currently Gigi. She would have just melted at Everett's smiles and overall cuteness. And Emersyn would have been really bonded with her, they had very kindred spirits. 

Currently get into a strength training routine. Hmmm...trying might be too strong of a word as it implies that I have made attempts to start something. Well, I guess I should rephrase to say currently wanting to start...? I so prefer cardio but am not really consuming enough calories for high impact exercising right now. I can do some strength training though! I'm down almost 30lbs (official weigh in on Friday) in 10 weeks. I posted a picture on my other blog. :) 

Currently working at....finishing Emersyn's room. It's ALMOST done!!! Also working at losing 30+ pounds before Emersyn starts school again. It's a lofty goal but I'm going to try my hardest to achieve this milestone. 

Currently enjoying.....the sunshine today! It's been overcast and rainy this week, BOO! We're going to have a picnic at our neighborhood playground for lunch this afternoon! 

Currently using.....? My laptop? Not a very exciting answer. 

Currently pants and an old t-shirt. I'm babysitting today, I don't dress up for toddlers. ;) 

Currently planning....Everett's first birthday party, Emersyn's 4th birthday party (doing something small and fun for her and a few girlfriends), trying to find a way to visit my BFF once she moves all the way across the planet (okay, it's to Wisconsin but it seems far away)....I've got lots more planning going on too but I'll stop there before you get bored. 

Currently singing....Emersyn's favorite song right now on the radio..."all I know is I'm not home yet....this is not where I belo-ong...". Not sure the song name or artist. Love hearing her sing it though!

Currently needing...oh my, where to start? :) Need is a strong word, I don't have a lot of needs but quite a few wants. :) One thing I do need is a getaway with my man and we have one planned in three weeks (!!!!!!!). 

Currently to be more consistent at meal planning. We eat at home pretty much every night now. This is sort of a first for us. We used to be frequent Baja Fresh-ers. It's close and cheap and remotely  healthy. However, with two kids and a limited budget, we've had to find other things. I've gotten over my idea that dinner needs to be a grand three course event. Last night I made some chicken, shredded it and tossed a can of black beans into the skillet with it and some corn. Served it in a warmed tortilla with cheese, salsa and sour cream. It was ghetto but Brett and Ems both loved it! I ate some eggs, as I'm not eating white flour (tortillas) and it was a win win and Brett has been so happy coming home to dinner each night. :) Plus, with his short commute now, we're able to eat dinner and still enjoy some of our evening with the kids. Last night we went to the library after dinner and it was fun to get out together.

Currently listening to....OPB kids programming in the morning. 

Currently wishing....I had never bought fruit snacks because Ems asks about them. all. the. time. 

Currently blog post. :) 

Currently praying for....friends. Lots of friends with lots of needs. 

Currently dreaming of.....Disneyland with my kiddos. I think we're going to go next year for our 10 year anniversary. :) 


Kristi said...

This was so cute. Cannot wait to see Emersyn's final room, I am sure you did fabulous.

MiMi said...

Currently.....loving my Beautiful Daughter.
Currently proud of my Beautiful Daughter
Currently ...... Thanking God for a godly Daughter
Currently.......Thanking God for a Loving Daughter
Currently ......KNOWING that her Gigi would be so in Love with her children
Currently.... Praising God Emersyn was able to know and love her Gigi