Monday, June 4, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} We had a productive weekend in Emersyn's room. We picked out a paint color and Brett and his dad put the first coat on Saturday. Well, Sunday morning we woke up and it was a bit......bright. It looked GREAT on the paint swatch but a little bright in person. We kind of have a habit of doing this (see the green paint in the nursery). :) So we decided to lighten up the color a bit and after two coats of that, it's done and we LOVE it. More importantly, Emersyn LOVES it!

This week we are going to be painting her bed and I'm going to be assembling her doll house that was inspired by Pinterest. SO excited!

{2} Despite our current financial woes, it's amazing to see how the Lord is providing. One of the ways that He has provided is by having had us purchase things in advance. I had already paid for Emersyn's day camps before Brett got demoted so she can still go to them. We already bought most of the stuff for Emersyn's room (with the exception of a few things) and so we can put that together with almost no cost. We had bought a Groupon for a night away at the beach and we are going to need that this summer in a big way. Yay.

{3} My kids are on a great schedule. They take a nap at the same time every day TOGETHER and it's magical. When they are napping, I actually get excited for them to wake up because I miss them. I get so refreshed from my time alone and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon with them.

{4} On Saturday we had a fun women's event at my church and I got to sit with two of my favorite ladies.

{5} I found pics from when Ems was the same age as Everett. How on earth did I give birth to the two cutest babies ever??

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