Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Never a dull moment

Yesterday was a lovely day so we decided to take the kids to our favorite little lake to feed some ducks and let Everett enjoy his early birthday present from his Great Auntie and Uncle. 

I think he *might* like it.  

Look at that snooty attitude. He knows he's a cool kid. :)

Lots of {blonde} hair coming in! So much for my dark haired baby! :) 

After we played with Everett in his car, Emersyn and I decided to take a *run* around the lake and leave the boys. Upon returning I heard Brett make this yelp noise and then look in horror to the middle of the lake where is brown loafer was floating. Are you kidding me??? 

Apparently he tried to kick and piece of bread into the lake to the ducks and proceeded to launch his shoe.  

Trying not to laugh at Daddy.

My husband gracefully hobbled around the lake looking for a branch and was able to locate one. 

Slowly but surely he guided the shoe to a nearby shore. 

The rescued shoe. 

I've always told Emersyn to NEVER kick food into the lake because of this very reason. I didn't think to tell her Daddy the same thing. :) 

Needless to say, we had a fun evening that turned out to be much more entertaining then I anticipated. 


MiMi said...

Dear Sweetie,
Everett is such a doll! Emersyn's face says it all!
Did you almost pass out from laughing!!!!
Happy you guys had a great day.
Love you

Vanessa said...

Alright, I actually don't think Everett could get cuter than that top picture! I mean, really.

Also, Brett kicking his shoe into the lake!? What!????? So funny!

Melissa said...

HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious!