Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

This is one of the first holiday seasons where I haven't been a little bit bummed out about transitioning from the holidays into the winter months. Usually I sadly take down my tree, put away the decorations that I love so much, and feel like the house looks empty. This year I'm actually looking forward to taking down my tree (hopefully tomorrow) and getting the house re-organized. I'm excited for all that 2011 will bring and I'm fairly certain it will be a life changing year for our family as I transition into this new role as a full time stay at home mommy. :)

Highlights of 2010:

* Lost some weight. Not as much I would have liked but some is better then nothing. I Shredded for 25 consecutive days in January which was quite an accomplishment for me!
* Emersyn hosted her first Valentine's Day Party, which will now be an annual tradition!
*In March my BFF came to town for a visit and found out she was expecting her sweet baby boy while at my house, SO exciting!!
* In May I gained a sister when my brother married the love of his life. <3 Brett and I also celebrated 7 years of marriage.
* In July we had an amazingly fun family vacation to Minne-soh-tah where we made some incredible memories with my parents and sweet Gigi.
* In August my precious baby girl officially turned into a toddler and turned two years old.
* In September the Lord miraculously made a way for my grandma Gigi to come out to Portland for one last visit and the painting that she made with Emersyn is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.
* In October my parents came out for a visit to celebrate my Gigi's life. We made a lot of fun memories that week too.
* In October Brett got promoted to a manager and thus God answered my prayers of two years to become a stay at home mama.
* In December I worked my last day at The Standard on December 16th and entered into the full time ranks of mommy-hood.

As you can see, God is SO good to me. This year was full of many events, both happy and sad, but at the end of the day I am so thankful.

As I go into the new year, I don't feel an overwhelming need to make resolutions other then just one. To remember that my daughter and my family are my new "career" and that they come first. I want my husband to come home to a place that is warm, friendly and well taken care of. I want my daughter to live in a house where she is accepted, encouraged, and adored. My resolution is to be less selfish, and be the best possible wife and mom that I can be. I have been entrusted with a gift in Brett and Emersyn and I don't take them for granted. What does this mean more specifically?

I resolve to:
*make my husband lunch every day
*make Emersyn nutritious meals and snacks
*get on the floor and play with Emersyn daily
*read to Emersyn daily
*take care of my home to the best of my ability while maintaining the balance of paying attention to my husband and daughter
*have quiet time every day, even if just for 5 minutes
*lift my husband and daughter up in prayer every day
*be a wise steward with our finances

Okay, so I know that sounded a whole lot like a list of resolutions but they aren't...they are just outlined goals....or is that the same thing??? :)

Anyways, I am excited to head into the new year with a fresh perspective and, thank you Jesus, NO JOB!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Day! We had Brett's family over for our annual tradition of quiche. I LOVE is seriously delicious and easy to make! It's terrible for you though so it's a once a year kinda food for us. We had brunch, played games and had a nice and laid back day. I am feeling a LOT better, still have a bit of a cough so I'm not sure we're going to church in the morning but I think we'll go at night.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Melissa said...

aw, i love this post! it has been a great year & 2011 will be even more wonderful! :) I think the whole SAHM thing is about to really sink in for you, now that the holidays are over! Heehee! YAY!

Great list of how to be the best wife/mom you can be! LOVE IT! :)

Julia said...

This is going to be an AMAZING year for you and your family, I just know it! And since I have a lot of those same sort of goals for myself, I look forward to being able to work together toward accomplishing them! So happy for you friend!

Kim said...

Aw I love your list of goals. Sounds like a very great plan to follow. I'll pray for ya for reaching your goals. Happy New Years!!. PS: Emersyne's getting so big so fast. :)