Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I have officially reverted back into a toddler. I NEED naps and frequent snacks and get cranky when one or both of these things doesn't happen as often as I'd like.

{2} On Saturday night we went to Gymboree to spend our Gymbucks, you know, the $25 off a $50 purchase coupon. Get this though, there was NOTHING there that I liked for Emersyn that wasn't on sale. Even with a coupon, I still refuse to pay full price for things there. Anyways, I did find one cute sweater dress but it was only $11.99...not enough to use the $50 coupon. Soooooo we bought some 0-3 months baby BOY clothes just in case baby #2 is a boy! We got four darling shirts and a pair of pants. Seeing those sweet clothes made me kind of excited at the prospect of having a boy, although I don't think we are. I have felt the exact same that I did with Ems so I think my natural intuitions say girl but I'm totally prepared for either way. :)

{3} My man can GRILL. Last night he grilled us a flat iron steak and I nearly blacked out from the deliciousness. I had to eat my meal in two phases though. I am already feeling that "I don't have enough room in my tummy to eat a full meal", isn't that strange?? I know that's normal towards the end but in the beginning?? I only ate some sauteed mushrooms, half of a fairly small potato, and one small strip of steak. I hate the second half of my meal a couple hours later and it was amazing.

{4} I may or may not have had an emotional outburst or two this weekend. Hormones. Dislike.

{5} We are going to Hawaii in a little over a month!!!! We've been to Hawaii twice before but I've never gone while it's been cold here at home. Usually we go in September when it's still pretty warm here. Good thing I still have summer maternity stuff, although some of it might be a little big. I started this pregnancy out about 20lbs lighter then when I got pregnant with E. I'll be heading to Old Navy soon for some jeans.

{6} This doesn't seem very miscellaneous does it? It seems all pretty pregnancy related....oh well, that's what you get since I was quiet about it for so long! :)

{7} We have several friends who like the show "Outsourced". We tried to watch it last night and embrace it but it just didn't happen.

Happy Monday everyone!!


Emily P. said...

congrats on the new baby! When is the due date - mine is May 16th!

LeAnna said...

Well, if it means gut instinct says you're having a girl and I'm ALWAYS WRONG about my baby predictions. Soooo, take that for what it's worth. LOL!
You should try watching Outsourced the movie, it's pretty hilarious and makes the tv show a little more funny. ;)

Sue and Kevin said...


Have a Happy Monday Sweetheart!

Fon James said...

Hi Pattie
I just happened upon your blog when I googled my daughter (same name as your daughter) Emersyn's name to see what came up. Very cute blog! I haven't read through it entirely, but I think they were both born in 2008. My Em was born September 4, 2008 and I too am pregnant with baby #2, due in July!!! And it was a shocker...sorta. LOL. Just had to comment since we shared so much, including faith in God. Blessings to you and yours.