Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lately I've been...

*hanging out with my favorite girl in the world
*spending our mornings playing and being silly, versus me getting ready for work
*running errands leisurely with no pressure to get to work
*going to the library
*playing with friends
*stressing less about my house because I have all the time in the world to clean it up. Does this mean that my house is now spotless? Nope....but for some reason I am able to chill out about it more.
*NOT caught up on laundry...working on it. :)
*reflecting on God's sense of humor and blessings in my life
*taking care of business paperwork wise with insurance, bills, etc.
*getting excited about visiting my BFF in Boise NEXT week but nervous about leaving my baby girl behind. I know in my heart she'll be fine but I'll miss her and her daddy very much.
*making dinners for my family and loving it.
*learning how to stick to a budget. Still learning but I'm getting there. :)

For me it almost feels like my new year doesn't start until I get back from Boise, which is silly but whenever I have things like that on the horizon I tend to put life on hold in a sense. I'm going to work hard next week to get some meals ready for Brett before I leave. I've never really done that before when I've gone away, I was more of a "he'll figure it out" kinda wife but I want to be a "honey I made you some chili while I'm away" kinda wife. :)

I'm really enjoying being home with Emersyn. In many ways it makes me reflect on how much I missed while I was working but I can't dwell on the past, just be grateful for the future. I don't take a day of it for granted though. It's so surreal...feels like I am on a long vacation or something. :) Finances are a challenge right now with new costs being incurred by staying home (like my health insurance) but the sacrifices we are making are totally worth it.

Happy Thursday everyone!!


Melissa said...

i am so excited for you. i love your list! :)

Brianne said...

totally worth it indeed. :) Love your post! Love that you're enjoying life right now! Totally bummed that we don't get to play with Ems every week! haha :)