Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} This morning I'm beating myself up a bit. I had a real estate buyer that had contacted me back in December about buying a house and then I found out I was pregnant, have been feeling sick and exhausted and basically lost touch with her. Plus, she didn't seem to be in a hurry and what they were looking for seemed hard to find. I found out on Facebook that her and her husband submitted an offer on Saturday and I'm just sick about it. It's my own fault really but still, I'm super bummed and trying not to let it ruin my day. UGH.

{2} This weekend we received an unexpected blessing. My friend posted on Facebook that she was selling two twin beds with trundles.....

(How ridiculously adorable is this bedroom?? My friend has amazing taste)

Anyways, she offered to sell one of the beds for $100 which was a great deal. I'm pretty sure I've seen this bed at Costco and they are usually around $500 or so, especially for the trundle. When we got to her house, she said that the bed was a little more dinged up then she remembered (one of the beds had been stored in her attic) and she said we could just have it. I was ecstatic!!!! It needs a little elbow grease and some touch up paint but that's totally doable!!

{3} I painted Emersyn's nails on Friday night. Since then some of them have chipped. Yesterday morning during church, Emersyn yelled "you need to fix my nails" during a quiet moment of worship. Ha ha!

{4} I'm really digging Cinnamon Life cereal these days.

{5} I cannot wait for warmer weather!! I longingly look at the expensive fruit at the store and can't wait until it's not so freakin' expensive and I can get it fresh at the farmer's market. I bought a cantelope a couple weeks ago and it was $5!!! Holy cow!! You know I can't afford that?! I crave fresh fruit though and that's a good craving to indulge in!


Julia said...

Yay about the bed!! That is awesome. Such a cute bed and couldn't be a better price :) Is Ems excited about it? I totally know what you mean about warmer weather, I totally agree. Though with the money you saved on the bed, you could buy 20 cantaloupes! :)

Katie said...

That bed is so pretty! And way to go with all that money you saved. I don't remember if I told you, but congratulations!! (for the new little one)