Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless(ish) Wednesday- Social Butterfly

Here are some pics of Emersyn and her buddies over the past couple weeks. They are all within about 1-2 months of the same age except for the tiny baby at the end. :)

Emersyn & Ellie

Estella & Emersyn

Emersyn & Emery

Annabel, Genevieve & Emersyn (her cousins)

Rowen & Ems

Estella & Emersyn

Estella, Emersyn and Kaypha (he was a 10.6lb "preemie".... born 3 weeks early!)


LeAnna said...

Girl's got friends! Cute cute pics. (For real? Three weeks early and weighed 10 pounds? Lord'amercy!)

OurLittleBlessingS said...

aww her and all her little friends! too cute! they look quite similar-it had to take a 2nd glance to see which one was Emersyn! :D

Tyler said...

How sweet... love the pics of her and her friends. That is too sweet..

BUT lets pause a moment and talk about the 10 lb preemie! Holy Cow.. lol did they induce her because of his size or did he decide it was time on his own?! That is funny

New England Girl said...

Adorable! :) I can't believe how big she's getting! Where is the time going to?

Carissa said...

I am the owner of the 10 pound "preemie." He decided to show up on his own. Funny thing was that we already thought he was going to be big when 3 days before he was born we had an ultrasound that said he was weighing about 8.5 pounds. Ha! Joke's on me. So glad he showed up when he did, though, and didn't decide to put on any more weight in utero.