Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Morning

This morning I am thankful for some quiet time. I got up with Brett a little before 8am, made him a lunch (which he will thank me for 100 times...seriously, the man is TOO easy to please bless his heart) and was able to read for nearly an hour. Emersyn is awake, I can hear her making silly noises but she is content and happy.

There really is something magical about mornings. It's like the beginning of unknown potential in a day.....my chance to start my day right and get my mind into the right focus. Physically getting out of bed is always torturous for me, probably definitely because I need to get to bed earlier, a topic I am always discussing, yet fail to do much about. But if tomorrow morning I can just remember how great this morning felt, maybe, just maybe that will be enough to jump out of bed. A cup of coffee never hurts too.

I have started a physical prayer journal that has been exciting to write in. I think that for awhile, I was okay with just blogging about my spiritual thoughts. But sometimes blogging can become a little too much about receiving feedback or posting something with the expectation of praise or comments. I think that sometimes the Lord wants us all to Himself and that is what I was sensing. I can get very distracted with technology I am finding. I have an iPhone, laptop, desktop....the Internet is at my fingertips whenever I want it. I think that starts to dilute life a little though. I think it is a great and therapeutic thing to get out a pen and paper and write down our thoughts from time to time. It takes more time and effort then opening a window and posting a blog; for me anyways. I want written proof of God's faithfulness in my life. I write down my prayers for myself, for my family and for my friends and I can't wait to look back and see those prayers answered. I want something tangible to show my daughter someday, in the event that her faith is ever wavering. You can't deny someones testimony. I am looking forward to the mighty things that God plans to do within the pages of my journal. And it feels good to do what I say I will do in regards to praying for friends that I have committed to pray for. It is so easy to flippantly say, "I'll pray for you" and then never follow through.

I was supposed to go to my "Love & Logic" playgroup this morning but instead, I chose to spend a morning at home. Sometimes I just need that. And I am so glad I did! Emersyn got to sleep in and now I think we are going to have some breakfast and then go on a walk, her favorite thing to do with her stroller and baby. Like mommy like daughter. :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!!


Melissa said...

Awesome that you got some quiet time in! :) I love writing in a journal too. I have about 20 of them, all filled in, under my bed. Wish i still that. Now it's blogging. I was reading thru old journals recently & noticed what a little prayer warrior i used to be! I need to get back to that!

Sue and Kevin said...

Dear Patricia,
Wanted to tell you how you always seem to touch not only my heart but so many others.
You are a gifted in writing and your sweetness, love and kindness shines through all your Blogs.
Thank YOU Lord for my Daughter!
Love, Mama

Tyler said...

I hear wonderful things about the prayer journals. I myself have not started one.. I def need to though!.. but my aunt does her religously and has for years. It is so neat to go back and read. God works in awesome ways that sometimes we dont even realize until we stop, write it down, pray, and then go back and read months later. So cool!

Anonymous said...

I see "our" mug sitting there....aaahhhh! Can't wait to actually share a cup of coffee with you in like 12 days!!!!

sister sheri said...

Patti - sounds like a wonderful morning... spending time with the Lover of your soul.

You know I agree about the comments. God is certainly dealing with my obedience. Will I write a post that God has compelled me to write if I may not get any comments? If I write what He has totally told me to write and I get no comments at all. I admit that Anonymous helps me to remember that God doesn't want me focusing my time on comments but on Him.

Love the prayer journal. We were just talking yesterday at Bible Study about how we need to watch for God working after we pray. How we often pray... and then not look for the answer to the prayer... and end up not even thanking Him.

Thanks for writing today!