Monday, June 7, 2010

Miscellany Monday

A new favorite blog of mine is "Lowercase Letters" by Carissa Graham. She wrote a blog post awhile back on comparison killing contentment that really spoke to me. It's always fun to find new bloggers that you really connect with. She just gave birth to her second child on Friday but she is hosting this little blog carnival this morning already. What a woman! The idea is to keep it as random as possible which shouldn't be a problem for never is. :)

{1} Brett and I watched TWO movies this weekend! We rarely watch moves. One of us (don't want to name names) suffers from the inability to sit still for very long. However, I this person decided that a movie night sounded like fun and indeed it was. My brother and his wife were off house sitting for the weekend so we had the place to ourselves. We rented "The Informant!" with Matt Damon. Kind of weird but also kind of interesting. That was Brett's pick. Then I picked "Dear John". I had heard to be prepared for tears so I had my Kleenex all ready to go. I nearly fell asleep during the movie, in fact, we had to watch it over two nights because I couldn't take it all in one sitting. At the end, Brett and I looked at each other and laughed. Not what I was expecting at all. I didn't cry at the end of "The Notebook" either. And I don't like the Twilight series. Do all of these factors disqualify me from being a woman!?!?

{2} Though I didn't cry at the end of "Dear John", I did cry during the Missionette's ceremony at my church on Sunday morning. Missionettes is kind of like a Christian girl scouts. When the girls have completed their studies and badges, they have a ceremony where they get to wear white dresses and they get a crown for their accomplishments. Yes, I was an Honor Star (what they call the girls that complete the program) and I pray that Emersyn will be too someday. As I was watching the sweet girls get their crowns, they played a slide show of all the girls as babies and young kids and I was so emotional knowing that Emersyn is going to grow up so fast. I don't want to be one of those moms who gets depressed about transitioning into new stages in life but still, it makes me want to savor each and every day.

{3} I really like Avon's nail polish. I painted my nails LAST Saturday night and the polish is just now starting to chip. Amazing!!!

{4} I baked two different kinds of muffins this weekend, made pancakes to freeze for the week, and took dinner to a friends house on Saturday night. I felt very domestic.

{5} My daughter is OBSESSED with her car seat and it's buckles. We have one that goes in and out of Brett's car and his mom's car so it is often inside, awaiting it's next location. If the car seat is inside, forget about Emersyn needing ANYTHING else to play with. She loves closing the buckles but she doesn't know how to open them so she gets super frustrated until someone helps her. The joys of toddlers.

{6} Speaking of nail polish, I painted my own toes for the first time in like ten years (literally) the other day. (And yes, it was with the fabulous Avon nail polish that I purchased through my BFF) I felt like I was betraying myself, seeing as I am a firm believer in pedicures but I was desperate. Toes were chipping and I knew I was going to get a pedi with my friend this week so last week I had to take matters into my own hands and guess what? They looked great. I am getting a pedi on Wednesday though so my toes will be back in the hands of the professionals.

{7} It's sunny outside and that makes me happy. We have had record rainfall in June already and I am over the gloomy weather. Hoping for more sunny days to ride our bikes this week.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


Kristi said...

I love Carissa's blog too! Dear John was not what I was expecting, I too was ready to cry. You were an Honor Star too? I loved being an Honor Star and my teachers!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

1) i am going to have to get me some avon polish!
2) i hated dear john. one of the worst movies of the year!!
3) glad you guys had a movie night:D

LeAnna said...

I'm turning into one of those people who are a firm believer in pedicures. They are AMAZING.

Jules said...

I haven't seen Dear John yet. I was hoping it was going to be good.

I use a lot of nail polish but have never tried Avon. I just might have to give it a whirl.