Monday, June 21, 2010

Emersyn Update

Sometimes I realize that it has been awhile since I posted an update about Emersyn so before details escape me, I decided to write out as much as I can......

Emersyn's Stats:

*Weighs a little over 26lbs and seems tall for her age. I need to measure her. And speaking of stats, I should probably get her 24 month dr. appointment on the calendar Ems has lost all of her baby chub except in her sweet little cheeks. Her legs are long and slim. Such a toddler. I miss her baby rolls.

*Favorite foods: since Emersyn insists on feeding herself now, meal time has gotten messy to say the least. She loves cottage cheese with almost any kind of fruit. Most often I mix it with tomatoes, strawberries, or mandarin oranges. She loves mac and cheese, pancakes (she just eats them plain), peas, broccoli (if it's seasoned just right), spaghetti, pb&j, cheese quesadillas (only with orange cheese, she doesn't like white cheese), sweet potato fries, apples, blueberries, oatmeal, rice, black beans, kidney beans, black olives, Clif Kids bars, freeze dried apples and pears, crackers, applesauce, yogurt, eggs (sometimes), and I can't think of anything else right now. Sometimes I feel like she is in an eating rut but hopefully her tastes will expand as she gets older. It will be nice when she can eat what we eat. Right now, she doesn't eat a whole lot of meat (except for steak) so that limits what she can eat from our dinners, as we usually eat chicken.

*Emersyn loves to dance. When she hears music sometimes she'll say "party party" and want to have a dance party. Right now our favorite song to boogie down to is "Undo It" by Carrie Underwood. We also like "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum.

*Emersyn loves airplanes. If she sees one in the air in the car she will scream out and try to say hi to it and if we are outside, she will lift both hands in the air, as high as she can and yell her word for airplane (which I can't understand at all enough to quote) and then when she can't see it anymore she says, "bye bye".

*Emersyn loves trucks and points them out on the road. The bigger the truck, the louder the squeal she makes. :)

*She loves animals. Her Nana has two dogs and Emersyn calls them by name (Sadie Mae & Gracie) and is constantly giving them kisses and loves.

*Emersyn is obsessed with her cousin Annabel, even though they don't see each other that often. It is really cute how much Emersyn talks about her. Often times I hear Emersyn singing, "Happy Annabel....Happy Annabel" to herself and she must be remembering Annabel's birthday party several months ago. So sweet.

*Last week Brett told me that when Emersyn fusses at bedtime, if he's the one to go and calm her down he goes into her room and doesn't look at her, just cuddles with her, says he loves her and puts her back down. He said that that last night she desperately gripped his cheeks and tried to make him look at her in the eyes and was yelling, "nunch, nunch". She knows if she says she is hungry, we will often back down. This may not strike you as funny but it cracked me up.

*Yesterday I was on the computer, writing my Father's Day blog and Emersyn ran up to me with a wipe in her hand and said, "baby pooped!". I got up to go put away the wipes so that she didn't tear out the entire container and saw Elmo laying down on an open diaper, ready to be changed. Get this, so Emersyn goes over to wipe Elmo's bum and she starts making this snorting/breathing noise with her nose....I realized that she was totally making the exact same noise I make when I change her poopy diapers because I breathe through my nose and kind of make this gagging noise, ha ha ha. It is CRAZY what these little ones pick up from us. She wiped his bum and then finished diapering him up. So cute.

*Yesterday afternoon we went to Costco and I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I go into the large handi-capped stall so that Emersyn and the cart can come in with me. I sit down, go potty and amidst the very full bathroom Emersyn starts yelling "Mommy's pooping, Mommy's pooping". I could hear several snickers. I tried to shush Ems and told her that I was just going potty and she kept insisting it was poop. Ha ha. Ems likes to talk about poop...the other day she was walking around the house saying "Emmy poops....Mommy poops.....Daddy poops....." over and over. Lovely.

*I was watching Emersyn play with her kitchen the other day and she has several bowls, pots and even a few sippy cups that she plays pretend with. She was putting away her dishes and I noticed that whenever she got to a sippy cup, she would take the lid off and sniff it repeatedly and then put the lid back on and pretend to drink. I thought this was kind of strange. Then, that afternoon I went to give Ems a sippy cup that she had had since the night before and so I took off the lid and sniffed it, making sure it wasn't bad. Then it clicked, that is totally what Emersyn is mimicking!!

*Last night we went to a movie night with our young adults ministry at church. We kind of headed the night up since the pastor's were out of town. During the movie, which was very quiet by the way, Emersyn decides to let us know that she DOES indeed know her ABC's (or some of them at least) and starts singing "a...b...c...d..." over and over and over. Stinker.


Sarah said...

I LOVE it!!! HAHAHA!! Don't you love the monkey-see monkey-do stage? Last night I grumbled loudly in the car and Ellie immediately mimicked. Yikes!

PS. I'm still giggling about the "Mommy's pooping!" bit. Hilarious! :)

Rachel said...

Adorable! I'm guessing there is never a doll moment with Emersyn around!

Julia said...

oh my gosh those are so cute!! The elmo diapering one totally made me think you guys should check out the book Toilet Training in one day ( I think that is the exact title but I'll let you know). It is the BEST ever way to potty train because it has the little one train her dolly to use the potty. Ems could use her elmo since she's already got the diapering thing!! Isn't it so funny how they mimic us? So cute!
Off to start my nanny job! Talk to you later--miss you!!