Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday Mornings

One thing about Brett working weekends that has always bummed me out is that I have had to go to the Farmer's Market by myself, which isn't really any fun so I just never went. But then after chatting with one of my friends Caitlin, we realized that her husband works Saturday mornings too....we could go together!! Whoo hoo! This last Saturday was our third time going and it was so much fun. The sun was shining, it was warm and the girls got a chance to play which they love too. Emersyn and Emery are only about a week apart in age. I met Caitlin at our birth class and figured out that she was cool when our choice of names for our daughters were so similar. :)

Emery loves the fountain.

Emersyn prefers to just flash the fountain and not really get wet.

This hat has been the highlight of my weekend, hee hee. We got it for $5 at Marshalls on Friday. Emersyn tried it on at the store and wouldn't really keep it on so Brett didn't want to get it and put it back. Emersyn screamed throughout the store, "Emmy hat...Emmy hat" and I took pity on the poor thing. Plus, she doesn't have any sunglasses or anything to keep the sun out of her face so this was perfect. She kept it on for most of the day yesterday, whoo hoo!!

Stroller swap & Starbucks stop

Emersyn couldn't quite figure out how to eat the fruit from these patches. I am pretty sure that by the time she got her first sip, Emery had downed hers, ha!

After we wandered around the market and got some amazingly delicious strawberries, we went into a play store that is right in downtown Hillsboro. We played in there for about 30 minutes and it was so fun! After all our fun we dropped off Emery and Caitlin and headed home for our traditional Saturday afternoon lunch of cottage cheese and fresh cut up strawberries from the Farmer's Market.

I love Saturdays!!! Caitlin, thanks for being my Saturday morning buddy. Our girls are too darn cute and it's so fun to watch them interact and grow up together!!!

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Tyler said...

what kind of fruit thing is that? Looks neat!

So glad you found a Sat. buddy! They are important... Derek works sat am and it leaves me feeling kind of blah if we dont have a sat. buddy!

So glad you had a great time