Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Belated Father's Day

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2010

Due to a variety of circumstances we weren't able to celebrate Father's Day on the actual day. Brett worked and we helped out at church that night because the pastor's were out of town so I decided to designate Friday, the 25th as our Fathers Day celebration.

We woke up and I drove us to Biscuits, a cute little cafe where my friend Roxanne works!! We love their breakfast and the portions are super generous. We even split a meal and it was still a ton of food! We also got to visit with Roxanne which was fun too.

Then I drove Brett to one of my very favorite places, the Euro Institute. My massage therapist leases a space there and her massages are divine. I scheduled a one hour massage for Brett. When I scheduled the massage, Mary (the massage therapist), told me that I should tell Brett about it the night before. I told her that I didn't want to because it was a surprise and she warned me that sometimes surprise massages don't go so well because it's such a personal procedure. I decided to NOT heed her warning and we just showed up at the place.

Brett was not thrilled.


He wasn't like mad or anything, just totally caught off guard.

Oopsie. My bad.

I told him that he would LOVE it and even if he was doubtful that massages are life changing and amazing. He reminded me of a conversation that we had once where he said that he wouldn't ever want a massage. I told him that he said he wouldn't even want a facial which is very different.

Then I started to stress out. And I told Brett that I was stressed out and he didn't even try to make me feel better. Not a good sign. But then the massage therapist pulled up and it was too late to do anything. Brett went into his therapy room and Emersyn and I went to Target. I prayed it would all go well.

Guess what?

HE L.O.V.E.D IT!!!!!!!! In fact, as I type this I asked him again, "are you sure you liked your massage?" and he said "YES!!" and that he would totally do it again. Yippee!!! See, sometimes wives do know best right?? :)

After the massage we ran a couple fun errands and then headed back to the house for a chill afternoon. At 4pm my friend Roxanne showed up to surprise Brett and we went on a date night!! We went to PF Changs happy hour (which was soooo cheap and soooo good!!) and then saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. Too cute. We ended the night at Home Depot looking for something for the yard. Brett asked if we could stop by there on the way home and I said "of course" because it was his special day and he was giddy that I agreed because I can't STAND home improvement stores.

Brett is very worthy of celebration and I hope he had a wonderful day.

P.S. I totally have to brag too. I came home from work on Thursday and when I went upstairs to change, our room had been cleaned SPOTLESS. I literally screamed with excitement. Our room had gotten super messy with laundry, Emersyn 's toys, and life in general. I can get really down when things get too messy because I am the kind of personality that gets really overwhelmed in messy situations. Brett DEEP cleaned the entire room, like used the vacuum attachment and got the corners, deep cleaned the bathroom, washed the sheets and made the bed, reorganized stuff, and the cutest part of all.......we have these boxes that go in our nightstands that have a space for a label. I haven't ever actually labeled the boxes though (three years later, hee hee) and Brett did it for me. Look at the labels....

Yeah...I swooned just a bit. I was literally on cloud nine that whole night and still am actually every time I go into the room. My love language has definitely evolved. I will take my man working hard on our house versus bringing me home flowers ANY DAY. :)

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Sue and Kevin said...

He is such a great Daddy and Husband....son in law too!
We love him!