Thursday, June 17, 2010

Portland Timbers Game

Brett is watching the playoff basketball game so I decided to post a quick blog about our evening!

Brett got 4 tickets to our local soccer team the Portland Timbers. We invited Brett's dad and his brother to come along with us too.

Here are some pics from the night....

Emersyn did really good. She has been really into sports lately....she loves to watch them on TV with Daddy. In fact, if we say it is night night time sometimes Emersyn will run and climb up into Daddy's lap and point at the TV and say, "ball ball?". Little stinker.

Emersyn watched the game, had some snacks, snuggled with Mama, sat on Uncle Brock's lap, cuddled with Daddy, had some more snacks, looked through pictures on Mama's phone and then danced her heart out to the half time show. I could tell a lot of people were looking at Ems and thinking she was pretty cute when she was dancing. She shakes her booty and raises her arms and cracks me up. During some exciting moments of the game, Emersyn would yell "YAY" and clap very enthusiastically. I loved watching her be so excited and happy. During the last five minutes, I took her for a walk because she was getting really restless. Overall it was a fun night though and I would take Emersyn again.

I am looking forward to our weekend! Tomorrow (Friday) I have a massage therapy appointment (hallelujah!!) and then I think we are going to go to the beach for the afternoon. We are dog sitting a little dog named Brandy and I think Brandy and Emersyn will have fun at the beach, running in the sand and enjoying *hopefully* some sunshine. On Saturday one of my best friends is graduating with her MBA and Emersyn and I are going to the ceremony. Saturday night Brett's family is coming over for dinner to celebrate Father's Day since Brett has to work on Sunday. Sunday we have a pancake breakfast at church in the morning for Father's Day and then Brett and I are leading the young adults group at our church in the evening since the lead Pastor is out of town. Fun times. I don't want Brett to feel ripped off in regards to Father's Day though so I have a fun celebration planned for next Friday. I love surprises!! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!!!

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LeAnna said...

Sounds like you guys have a fun weekend planned! I haven't even looked for anything for Fathers Day, eeeeek! I think we're going to go to a Bed and Breakfast for a belated anniversary thing next weekend, maybe I'll just roll Fathers Day into that, too. :P Have a great weekend!