Friday, September 21, 2012


{1} Super excited for the weekend! Saturday is busy with co-hosting a brunch for new moms at our church at a friends house, getting some work done at my office, Emersyn is going to a birthday party, and Brett and Everett will get to watch some football! Sunday we have church and then I'm doing an open house at my listing. I'm jazzed!

{2} Today Emersyn's preschool celebrated the birthdays that took place in the summer before school started so of course, Emersyn falls into that category. I was assigned to bring fruit as a special snack and decided to bring in my smoothie maker and make the kids smoothies. It was a little bit of a hassle and while I was packing it all up I thought, I should have just done something simpler. However, when I saw my daughters beaming face as I made her class smoothies, it was totally worth it. She looked SO proud that I was there (Everett too) and the kids loved the smoothies. Such a fun mommy moment for me. I'm really enjoying this "school mom" gig. 


{3} Today I started a Biggest Loser DVD for "Weight Loss Yoga". I ordered it off of Amazon after Brett said that all his co-workers think yoga is amazing. It was kind of ironic to put my yoga pants to use in the way they were intended for. :) Emersyn did the warm up with me and was like, peace out after 5 minutes. It was cute to see her do the poses though. It was a 35 minute level one workout and hard work!!! Afterwards I had a snack and only had the appetite to eat half of it and drank a huge thing of water. Awesome side effect! Plus, whenever you work out, you get that satisfaction of having completed it for the day and then there's no guilt for the rest of the day! I have lost a decent amount of weight to where I'm starting to feel a little *flabby*. Hopefully starting yoga will help trim things up!

{4}  Fall seems to have arrived here in Oregon, at least in my neck of the woods. Hooray for long sleeved shirts and pants! I start to get sick of the summer wardrobe and it's fun to see the kids move into a new set of clothes. I don't have a lot of fall clothes that fit anymore, guess I need to go shopping! :)

Alright, Everett's up so time to go. I had such a great two hours while the kids are napping, a Grey's Anatomy episode (almost through season 7), blogging and a snack. Mama is feeling refreshed.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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