Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday ?'s

 While Brett is watching football, I'm blogging. :)
To each their own!
{ONE} What is something you have wanted to do but are afraid of?
Something on the water, like kayaking or canoeing. I know those things shouldn't be scary but I'm kind of a scaredy cat.

{TWO} Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A happily married mama, maybe back in the workforce, maybe living in a different house....lots of maybes I know but one things for sure, I will be happy (and thinner, ha!).

{THREE} What are you looking forward to by the end of 2012?
Acheiving some weight loss related goals, participating in our church's Christmas concerts (ten performances) that I used to do as a kid and teen but never as a grown up, going to visit my BFF in Wisconsin in October, seeing my parents again in December, Great Wolf Lodge with my parents (so fun!!) and a night away with Brett to Timberline Lodge. Just a few things to look forward to. :)
{FOUR} What are your hopes for your blog?
To keep writing about my kids milestones and occasionally be struck with an encouraging word maybe for myself to read back on someday or to bless another friend with. I was such a better blogger back when I could blog at work, ha!  

{FIVE} Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
Yup! Maybe not this exact city, though I do love Hillsboro, but for sure in the Portland Metro area. (Knock on wood)

{SIX} What is your morning routine?
Usually Emersyn comes in our room and starts chatting away and then we beg her to go back to bed. I will often get desperate and give her my phone to go play with in hopes of a little more sleep. Then if it's a day that I watch my 16 month old little buddy (T, W, Th) I get up and make a cup of coffee and wait for him to arrive, around 7:15. If it's not a Tanner day, I stay in bed until about 7:45. Then Brett gets up and in the shower, I get up and get Ems ready for school, give Everett some milk to drink if he's up, make Ems breakfast and pack her snack in her backpack, send Ems out the door with Daddy to school, give Everett breakfast, playtime with him, sometimes I pack up Everett's breakfast and we go to Starbucks so I can enjoy coffee while he eats. Some mornings I get up earlier and get ready if we need to go somewhere important in the morning but otherwise I get ready during his morning nap. It's an exciting life I lead but such a unique season and I'm savoring it. :)

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