Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everett- One Year Stats

Better late then never, right? :) 

Everett David @ One Year Old

*Weighs 24lbs (68%)
*31.5 inches tall (93%) 
*Head circumference 48.5 cm (95%) 
*Wears size 4 diaper
*Wearing anything from 12 mos to 2T depending on what the clothes are. I have started buying all 2T though...some of it fits big but mostly it's just long. I learned with Emersyn that some sizes like 24 months aren't needed depending on the kid. Needless to say, Everett is my big boy! Emersyn was very true to size for her age. 
*You wear size 4 or 5 shoes.
*LOVES big sister. It's funny....with Emersyn she had Twinnie, her beloved monkey. Everett hasn't really attached to anything like a Twinnie because I think Emersyn is *his* Twinnie. He just adores her. 
*Loves music. If he's cranky in the car, I can crank up a song and he'll turn from cranky to ecstatic, moving his head to the beat, laughing, clapping. It's adorable! 
*Not a big fan of meat yet.
*Has lots of teeth! 4 on top, 4 on the bottom and also two molars on the bottom. 
*Goes to bed anywhere from 8-830 and wakes up around 8-830. Perfect! 
*Not walking and not showing any interest in doing so! Initially I didn't want him to walk yet but now I do. He's ready to explore and always wants down in public places where it's icky to let him crawl. It's time for him to walk!
*He's a big flirt in public. Emersyn was always so shy and would look kind of cranky if a stranger tried to engage her. Everett flashes his cheesy grin and usually gives a giggle or two. 
*He has started reacting to discipline and it's funny. There is this one squishy ball that we have that he can't have because he'll bite chunks out of it. He digs for the ball amidst the toys and when he gets it, all we have to say is "Everett...." and he does this whiny shriek. He knows he's busted.
*He's crazy about our stairs and constantly wants to climb them. We didn't even have a baby gate with Ems, she wasn't as adventurous. A baby gate is going to be essential for Ev. Right now we block him in the living room by putting our leather cubes (that we use for coffee table/foot rests) on either side of the couch in between leather chairs. It's works well but he gets annoyed at being penned in. Once we get the baby gate in, I'm prepared for him to have more freedom and probably start tearing my kitchen apart. :) 
*He aren't too interested in talking. I think his sister talks enough for the both of them. He says very basic words like mama and dada but not much else yet! 


Rachelle said...

I think Everett's 1 year old stat's are almost exactly what Soph's 2 year old stats were (she was 24.8 lbs and about 33 inches long). I can't wait till he walks and begins to tower over Soph... then it will be payback for all the bossing around Soph has done to him over this last year. haha!

LeAnna said...

Haha, I was just thinking he's bigger than my 2 year old. And he's a DOLL! Bet he's quite the charmer, indeed!