Monday, September 10, 2012

First day of 4's class!

 Emersyn's first day of preschool (3's class) 2011

 First day of 4's class!

I cannot believe how different the two girls look in the pictures above! What a difference a year makes. Look at those long legs this year! Today was Emersyn's first day of the 4's class at Kids of the Kingdom....sorta. Today was a parent orientation so we were at the school the whole time and it was a shorter today. So really, Wednesday will feel more like the first official day because I will drop her off and then buh-bye. :) I'll miss her the most on Wednesdays; that is one of the days that I watch a little 16 month old and he's pretty much in love with Emersyn and she keeps him busy for me. :)

I knew it wouldn't be a traditional day at school full of projects and dirt so I opted to put her in a dress. I just love pink and navy on her! She also requested that I curl her hair and I was only so happy to oblige. I love the way her hair looks curled! 

 Little brother wanted in on the photo shoot action. I can't believe how long he looks in this picture!! He looks like such a little boy, not a baby. Speaking of which, I don't think I blogged his one year stats yet...note to self. :)

I'm so thankful for a great school to send Emersyn too that teaches about the love of the Lord as well as academics! Next year she will be in pre-kindergarten and then the year after, the real adventure begins! I'm not in any hurry though, I know I'll blink and it will be time for her high school graduation.


Dara Wills said...

She looks so grown up!!

Melissa said...

She's so cute! When I worked as a 3 year old teacher, we often did things w/ the 4 year old class... and I've always said how there's such a difference between 3's & 4's. The 4's legs are so much longer & they're more kid, less baby. The 3's are much shorter & much more baby. You know? These pics reminded me b/c Emersyn is a classic example in these two pics! She's gotten so tall! :)

So fun - glad she has a great little preschool!!