Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emersyn's 4 Year Old Interview

{Again, better late then never right? I stole this from my friend Kristi's blog....thanks for the idea Kristi!}

Emersyn Grace :: 4 Years Old

1. What's your favorite color? purple
2. What's your favorite toy? my minivan (Loving Family doll mini van)
3. What's your favorite show? Little Einstein
4. What's your favorite holiday? Christmas just 'cause I do!
5. Who's your best friend? Stella, Isabelle, Katharine, Emery, Ellie
6. What's your favorite song? "Baby you're a firework" and "Nothing is impossible" {Priority Album}
7. What's your favorite book? The Napping House and prayers book
8. What's your favorite animal? pigs because they are pink (? ha ha) 
9. What's your favorite food? peanut butter and jelly
10. What's your favorite snack? Pirate Booty
11. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate vanilla swirl
12. What's your favorite restaurant? Pasketti Factory {Old Spaghetti Factory}
13. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Mimi Cereal {Shredded Mini Wheats}
14. What's your favorite game? Chutes ad Ladders
15. What do you want to be when you grow up? a teenager {haha}
16. What is your favorite thing about Mommy? playing with her, loving her, painting nails rainbow-y, watching mommy sing on stage
17. What's your favorite thing about Daddy? going on dates to Lowes, playing cars, snuggling in bed
18. What's your favorite thing about Everett? Playing with him, waking him up in the morning,
19. What was your favorite thing to do this summer? Go to the fountain

Dear Emersyn, 

Where do I even begin to describe you as a 4 year old?? To sum it up, you are totally your mommy and daddy's girl. You are fiesty, creative, a bit stubborn at times (you get that from Daddy), compassionate, loving, silly, generous, caring, hilarious, talented, and totally my favorite little girl in the world. I love the age that you are're my buddy! I love our times together when Everett is napping and how I can totally talk to you. I can vent to you about how the laundry is never ending the the way you nod your head tells me that you really get it. :) I love how your favorite game to play is "church nursery". You love to check the babies in to the nursery, slap stickers on their back, give special instructions regarding feeding and changing diapers, give me a pager for my baby and assure me that my baby will be just fine while I go to choir. I love your love for singing. You can make up a song about anything at the drop of a hat and love performing. You can make Everett laugh and distract him like no one else. We totally miss you when you're at school! I love how you mimic how I talk to Everett and even call him the same ridiculous nicknames that I do. I don't know many 4 year olds that call their brother doody the way you do. :) I love how sweet of a hostess you are when you have friends over and how you appreciate a beautiful table scape like your mama. I love how you like to pretend you're working on your laptop when I am and how you know I'm a Realtor. I love how you diligently care for your babies by taking lots of time to put them down and love them. I love how you love projects and crafts. I love how you love helping your mama out and do such a good job picking up toys and organizing the plastic's cupboard. I love how you have started picking out your own outfits and have your own little sense of style. I love how I can say sassy pants and you instantly strike a hands on your hips pose. 

My dear Emersyn, these are only a few of the things that make me love you as much as I do. God blessed me beyond what I could ever have imagined when He chose me to be your mama and I'm so so glad that He did. Your daddy, brother and I love you soooooo very much!!! 

All my love, 

Your Mama


Melissa said...

HAHA! Pigs cause they're pink! Aw, love that she loves to see you sing on stage. :) So sweet!

MiMi said...

Beautiful Letter to your Precious Daughter.
So proud of you as being a Child of God, Wife and Mama to both my Grandbabies.

I LOVE YOU Patiricia,
Your Mama