Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everett's 1st Birthday

I had so much fun planning Everett's party! I decided to do the same theme concept that I did for Emersyn's first birthday, the same theme of his nursery! Plus, I had adorable decorations that I got to reuse from my baby shower that I had saved for this very occasion! I'm a planner, what can I say? :)

My talented friend Rachelle, designed his birthday invitation. It turned out so cute! 

We had the party at the same park that we've had several of Emersyn's parties. It's a popular park so I made our reservation back in February. My only complaint about this park is that it gets a little windy which makes it hard to have balloons. However, since there is a helium shortage, balloon bouquets were out of the question anyways. So instead, we did a rustic balloon look by tying them onto twine and then hanging them. I loved how it turned out. It's not a party if there aren't balloons in my opinion!!

We got Everett's cake from our favorite bakery, Lamb's Thriftway. We decided to mix things up and get a banana cake this year and it turned out very yummy! Their cakes are always amazing!

I made cupcakes for the kiddos. I was going to make pinwheel cupcake toppers but they were too darn hard to make thought the flags looked cuter! 

We served pulled pork shoulder (that turned out amazing), buns, chips, veggies, watermelon, goldfish crackers for the kids, coleslaw and then dessert. I had planned for about 35-40 people and there ended up being 60!! Needless to say we ran out of food. We'll have to plan better next year. Usually you have less then you anticipate but I think some people forgot to RSVP. It was all good though! :)

Such a skeptic, ha ha! He seemed so confused during the party, like "who is all this for??".

I love Emersyn's face peeking out of this picture. She was beaming the entire time we sang happy birthday to Everett. She just adores her brother. It is so so sweet.

It was such a wonderful party and I'm so thankful for all our friends and family that were able to come celebrate with us.

My friend James took pictures for us and then my brother made a video of the party with me reading a letter to Everett as narration. It's very special and I'm thankful for talented friends and family that use their gifts to help me capture memories. You can view the video HERE

I hope you enjoyed your birthday party Everett David!! I love you with all my heart!!


Sherrie said...

The party turned out amazing! Love the owl theme.

Melissa said...

Great pics! Love all the colors & decor!!! :) :) He's so cute & i can't believe he's ONE!