Monday, June 6, 2011

MIscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I passed my three hour glucose test with flying colors!!! I can't believe it! I had gestational diabetes with Emersyn, though she didn't exhibit a single symptom of a GD baby in anyway. She was totally average (7lbs,13oz), not a hint of jaundice, and I had an incredibly easy induction. I did have to be on insulin and as my pregnancy progressed, I was up to three shots a day in my tummy which was NOT fun. Plus, I was on a moderately strict diet when I was pregnant. Again, no fun. The plus side, however, is that I only gained 19lbs during my entire pregnancy. Judging from the weight I've gained so far, I have a feeling I'll be slightly over that amount this time. I blame the weather and all the darn rain that has prevented me from taking walks. A lame excuse I know, but an excuse nonetheless. Anyways, I digress. Praise the LORD for no GD this time around!!!!!

{2} On Saturday we had a garage sale over at my friends house who has a much bigger garage and driveway then myself. We did *okay*. I made about $50 which isn't much but I did sell a lot of stuff. I'm selling Emersyn's old clothes for pretty cheap. I've given away a lot of her clothes but still have lots left. It turns out, babies don't need quite as many articles of clothing as I once thought. :) We're going to try the garage sale again on Friday. This last weekend was the first REALLY nice weekend all year here in Oregon and I think that might have affected our traffic. I do have to say one thing though, garage sale hustlers crack me up. I know there is an art to negotiating but let me tell you, you picked the WRONG pregnant lady to mess with when you offer me half price for things already marked ridiculously low!! :)

Emersyn enjoyed the sunshine at the garage sale!

Emersyn the cashier!
An after garage sale treat on a hot day....a Jamba Juice!!! This is one of Emersyn's favorite things in the world. We like the Orange Dream Machine...tastes like a creamsicle.

{3} After the garage sale, I was determined to spend the evening outside! We headed to the Grand Lodge with our good friends for dinner and some fun in the huge lawn. The Grand Lodge has a big bar/grill outside with picnic tables. It's super family friendly and a place where kids can run pretty far and still be safe.

We brought a ball to play catch with. Emersyn is SO proud of herself when she catches the ball!

Emersyn and Sophia

{4} Our parenting class is over with at church. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about how my unique personality plays into parenting. One of the concepts that we discussed the last week was called "descriptive praise". Being a major words of affirmation person myself, I don't struggle in the area of praising Emersyn at all. In fact, this is something I consider myself to be pretty good at. But this concept was more intended to praise specifics which I can work on for sure. I tell Emersyn that she's beautiful, smart, a big helper, etc. all the time. But citing specific examples will empower her as she grows up. Basically you say "I noticed __________. It made me feel _________. You are ________." So last night Emersyn took her ice cream bowl into the kitchen and put it in the sink without me asking her too. "Emersyn, I noticed how you put your ice cream bowl away with me asking you to! It made me feel SO proud of you. You are such a responsible little girl!". She totally beamed with pride when I told her this and then looked around for other things she could pick up and put away. If you've ever been to my house you'd know that there are always lots of opportunities for clean up. :)

{5} I'm 28 weeks today!! We're taking our hospital tour on Wednesday night! I'm delivering at a different hospital this time and I'm excited. Last time I had to change rooms twice after Emersyn was born. At this hospital, you stay in the same room the whole time, whoo hoo!!

{6} Today Emersyn and I have NOTHING planned. This rarely happens. Emersyn keeps asking me where we are going this morning and I keep reassuring her that we aren't going anywhere but she seems skeptical. She asked if she could stay in her jammies all morning and I said sure and she was absolutely delighted.

Enjoying the morning sun in her jammies! :)

Hopefully today I'll be able to get to the daunting laundry pile that's in my room. I neglected my house last week in an attempt to pull together our last minute garage sale. This weekend we're hoping to paint the nursery finally and I gotta get organized for that to happen!

Happy Monday everyone! It's going to be a GREAT week!!!!

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She is absolutely precious! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

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