Wednesday, April 25, 2012

True Love

Yesterday was Brett's grandma's memorial service. It was a busy day for our family but filled with wonderful memories. She lived an amazing life of service. I learned so much about her at the service that it made me wish I had gotten to know her better in a way, though she was *sick* for much of the time that I knew her. Hearing about her life made me feel like we would have been friends with similar interests if we had been peers in the same age group.

It's a funny small world out there. One of our good friends grandma set up Brett's grandparents (Gayle and Art) on their first date. They met in July of 1950. They were engaged TWO weeks later...then married three months later. Their first child was born in July of 1951, a total honeymoon baby. They had seven children. I think that is just about the sweetest love story ever. The flowers on Gayle's casket were from Art and they said, "Love of My Life, 61 years". Their love was inspiring and I just adore Brett's grandpa even more then I already did, now knowing more about their incredible relationship. He was Gayle's caregiver for 15 years after she developed a rare muscle disease. The Pastor read a letter from Art to Gayle at the funeral and it was very special.

It was not the best idea to bring a 3.5 year old and an 8 month old to a 90 minute funeral service but we survived, basically taking shifts out in the lobby with the kids. I felt bad because I wanted Brett to be able to be in most of the service since it was his grandma but since I was singing, I had to be there to not miss my cue.

My singing went well. It's always interesting singing in new place with a new sound system but it went well enough and I was honored to be a part of such a neat service.

Life is slowly returning back to normal. We have logged many many miles in the last month or so and it is tiring. Most of those miles have been family related and that's important but still exhausting (and expensive...gas prices stink!!).

Driving home from the funeral yesterday, I looked over at my husband for the past 9 years and had no doubts that we will be married for at least 61 years and that at the end of our lives, people will blog about our cute love story too. :)

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MiMi said...

Very cute and Memorable picture of Ems with her Great Grandpa.

Yes, you and Brett have a great love story! We Thank God for him and that you are married to your best friend.

Praying for your children's Spouse(s) is very important!!!!!
Praise Ye Jehovah !