Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Miscellany

I've decided that Monday Miscellany posts are just a good way to recap what's going on. I'm thinking of doing a daily blog challenge in May because I miss blogging!

{1} Everett turned 8 months old yesterday. How can that be? He is the most precious baby boy EVER. I need to write his 8 month letter since I skipped his 7 month one, ahem. I skipped his 5 month too but no one's keeping track, right? Good thing he's a guy and probably won't care when he's older. :)

{2} We had an amazing time in Sunriver the weekend before last!!! It was so fun to get away with friends and relax. The house that we stay at is incredible and there's plenty of room for kids to play and adults to chill. I can't wait to go again. Here are some fun pics from our trip!

Everett and his future betrothed 

My friend Vanessa's daughter Audrey was amazing with the kids...even fed Everett bottles for me, score!  

A sisterwives moment, ha ha ha. 

{3} I'm digging the way that blogger is uploading photos now!

{4} On Saturday we celebrated Brett's grandma's 96th birthday at the beach! It was a beautiful day at the coast!

Ems and I made this canvas for Grandma Stanton. We used 96 buttons for her 96th birthday.  :) 

{5} I'm DESPERATE to go on a vacation with my husband. Or just an overnight date somewhere. I'm finding that quality time is more important of a love language then I thought.

{6} This week Brett's sweet grandma went to be with the Lord, a very sad day for our family. She was an amazing woman and has left quite the legacy behind. Her funeral is tomorrow and I am going to be singing a song, "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone". 

{7} My BFF in Idaho found out this week that she is having a baby GIRL after two boys. I am ecstatic for her!!!!! 

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