Thursday, April 26, 2012

8 Months Old

My dear sweet do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

I love your sweet puff eating face. You LOVE puffs now and if you're in your high chair you screech until someone sprinkles some puffs onto your tray! I love puffs too....they buy me time when I'm cooking dinner and getting your food ready. 

You continue to be the happiest, sweetest, smiley-est baby ever! 

This past Easter you rocked your first necktie. There are many more neckties in your future. Mama loves a good looking boy in a tie! 

You will hang out with anyone and flash them your darling grin which brings them immediate joy!! 

We took your first trip to the beach this past month and you were a little unsure, probably mostly because I let your sister hold you up for this picture. 

You continue to look super handsome in sweater vests. 

You adore your seester. 

You bring your grandparents and great grandparents a lot of happiness. 

You love playing with other babies. 

Everett, you are growing and changing so quickly! You now sit up on your own entirely and have started to wiggle on your tummy which I bet is going to turn into an army crawl pretty soon. I'm not encouraging mobility though so if you want to take your time learning to crawl and walk, that would be great! :)

You adore your Daddy. When he walks into the room, you look at him like he's a celebrity. When he talks to you, you light up and laugh ecstatically. It's so so sweet.

You are still wearing a size three diaper, though I think you need a size four when you go to sleep at night. You wear clothes that are 9months, 12months, and 6-12 months depending on the store that it's from.

You love sleeping in your car seat. If we are out and you are tired, you just want to be strapped in your seat and left alone. Emersyn was like that too. You sleep great in the car and have only cried in the car maybe 3 or 4 times in your whole life.

You aren't as into binky's as Emersyn was. You like it when you go to sleep at night but never hang out with it during the day. You don't really care about it in your car seat either. When you go to sleep in your crib, you like to snuggle up to your Glow Seahorse that Emersyn got you for Christmas. We still swaddle you at night because you still love it, though I recently learned that you don't need it. Daddy put you in your crib the other morning while we were all getting ready and you were crying because we knew you were tired. We didn't swaddle you because we needed to leave the house soon but you still passed out anyways. It was darling to see you sleep unswaddled.

Everyone always asks me if you are always as easy and pleasant as you are when we are out and I say, YES! You are an amazing baby and we're pretty sure that every day is the BEST day of your life.

I really appreciate that you've started sleeping through the night again. :)

Everett David, I just love being your mama. I can't say it enough. Daddy loves being your Daddy and your sister is pretty much obsessed with you. Life is good baby boy, and we are one blessed family.

All my love,

Your Mama

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