Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wow, it's been awhile since I blogged. For the sake of documenting, I'm still going to post about Easter even though it's been a little while.

I've decided to make hosting Easter at my house a tradition. I love the spring decor and making a pretty table scape. It gives me a good excuse to decorate for spring too. This year I knew well in advance that I would be hosting which was a pleasant change from the past couple of years of frantic thrown together holidays. Emersyn's first Easter was spent at The Old Spaghetti Factory. I was not pleased. Spaghetti is like the polar opposite of what Easter dinner should be. Anyways, it was fun to know that Easter was at my house and be able to do what any planner likes to be able to do....plan and create a Pinterest board of course. :)

The menu for Easter dinner was amazing!!!

These biscuits tasted just like the ones from Red Lobster.

Brett ranted and raved about these potatoes for days. They really were delicious and a fun different take of our normal *cheesy* potatoes side dish.

Easter morning was kind of crazy. We had to be at church by 8:40am and since we all had to get up and ready, we didn't have time to do Easter baskets before hand. I almost skipped first service so that we could enjoy our morning as a family but I felt like I had committed to choir and didn't want to bail on that commitment. My kids are not early risers most of the time so we had to wake them up to get ready for church, another reason for limited time in the mornings. We went to church, enjoyed a light brunch there along with amazing music and then headed home to get ready for dinner. Brett put the kids' Easter baskets in the entry way and we *joked* that the Easter bunny had stopped by while we were at church. ;)

I always have so much fun putting together their Easter baskets. I usually just get them things I've been wanting to get them anyways, despite the holiday. Emersyn has been wanting an umbrella for awhile so I was so happy to put one in her basket. Everett got some sippy cups and a couple shirts that were new in his closet. I just folded them nicely into his basket and he never knew the difference. :)

Emersyn wore the dress she wore for our friends wedding last year for Easter and it worked out perfect. I got her a blue and yellow sweater to go with it to match Everett and they looked darling together. I curled Ems hair too and it actually held the curl for longer then an hour, a new record!

I love a pretty table! I did this entire table scape for super cheap.
I already had the baby food jars.
The wheat grass was $.89 in the bulk section of Fred Meyer.
I paid about $.50 for the potting soil.
I already had the burlap and tiny clothespins.
The place cards were $1.50 at Joanns with a coupon.
I divided up one bunch of flowers from Trader Joes that cost $5.99.
My embroidery floss eggs cost about $2 to make.
That was it!

We got some new white dishes from Ikea and I just love them! My every day dishes are very Italian looking and even though I love them, they don't mesh well with holiday tables. Now I can have fun plac emats for different occasions. Yay.

After our delicious dinner we did a family Easter Egg Hunt with Emersyn's cousins.

After the Jensen's left, my brother and his wife came over and got some cute pictures of my kids. I LOVE when other people take pictures of my kids, makes me so so happy. I feel like I am always the one with the camera so when someone else captures my kiddos, it brings me joy.

It was a wonderful holiday!


MiMi said...

Love all the pictures!!!
The Tablescape is just darling!!!!
You are getting more crafty each year.. Good for you!
Cute Easter Baskets too!

Melissa said...

Love love love these pics! Great job on everything!! Yay!

Sherrie said...

LOVE your table setting. Very creative. You have always been good at decor though :). Glad you had a great Easter. Both your kids are getting soooo big.