Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Playdate

We had SUCH a fun time at Emersyn's first annual Valentine's Play Date! I got the idea for this back in December and thought it would be SUCH a cute excuse to get a bunch of kids together!

From left to right starting at the left:
Back: Jonette holding Estella, Maddie, Kara holding Camden, Evan, Jaiden kinda holding Ashlin, Rowan and his mama Brianne.
Couch: Addalyn, Emersyn, Ava, Hudson, Isaac F., Isaac M. & Ellie
SUCH a fun group!!!

Hudson is only about 10 weeks younger then Emersyn. I love this picture. He's like: "what are you lookin' at???".

This is Hudson's older sister Addalyn. So sweet.

Miss Jonette (on the right) brought over this slide for the kiddos and it was a HIT!! This is sweet Isaac, 15 months old who is about to become a big brother NEXT month!!

Cute Ava.

Another group shot!

Evan, Jaiden & Hudson. Again, Hudson's like "Put the camera down lady!!" Ha ha!

One of my best friends and neighbor's Sherrie (with the dark hair) who just LOVES getting her picture taken! Hee hee, just kidding. She has three kiddo's and Emersyn LOVES them, especially Maddie who is 4 and comes over often to "babysit" Emersyn while I clean or get stuff done around the house. Too fun. Kara is on the left hand side (with blonde hair). We know each other through a friend and she just had her first baby last year, Camden. I love that name! He is such a sweet and mellow baby!

The kids table before everyone got there! We have this table in our room for Emersyn. It is such a great size for her. I imagine her doing crafts on this table someday or eating on it with friends. We got it at IKEA for her first birthday!

The spread. Nothing too fancy.

Super Isaac. He is only about a month younger then Emersyn. He has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen!

Emersyn LOVED the slide!!

Ellie also loved the slide! Ellie's mom Sarah and I have been friends since Jr. High! We lost touch for about 10 years (wow!) but reconnected on Facebook when we both realized that we were pregnant and due not too far apart.

This is Rowan. His mom Brianne and I met at birth class! He is about 5 weeks younger then Emersyn and he too is going to become a big brother this summer! Emersyn goes to his house for playdates sometimes and his mommy is SO sweet and sends me updates and pictures of what they are up to. I LOVE leaving her with Brianne, I know she is in such good hands!!

Time to start planning for next year!! :) There will be more babies to invite, I am sure. Maybe the Lord will eventually provide a bigger home for me to host them in, *hint hint* Lord? :)


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Cute, cute, pictures....Love your blog...
I had an entire evening to blog much visit new blogs and catch up with friends Be sure and stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and there are LOTS of prizes everyday this week and next....I am celebrating the entire month.

Melissa said...

SO CUTE! Love it all! What a great idea!

LeAnna said...

These turned out SO cute! Wish we could have been there to join the fun. :) I think it's so great that you have so many sweet friends to do stuff like this with.
Keep forgetting to tell ya, too, that on the pics I took, my camera was just on it's normal manual settings for low light indoor (with the 50mm prime lens). I used some Photoshop tweaking to turn 'em black and white and add the vignette. If you don't have it, you need Photoshop Elements for Mac! It's amaaaazing!

sister sheri said...

Adorable photos!

And... I grabbed your cute little blog button and put it on my sidebar!