Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day was on a Sunday this year, which means that Brett would have had to work but he got the day off! Whoo hoo! I am not sure if he ended up being thrilled to have the day off though, he worked really hard the entire day to help me get ready for my playdate the next morning. :)

We went to church in the morning where Emersyn got to wear her new tutu, made by her Nana. Brett didn't think that church was a good place to wear a tutu but I firmly disagreed and won that argument. :) We did bring a jean skirt for her to wear while she was in the nursery so that it didn't get in the way of her playing or get ripped by other kids. She looked SO darn cute!!!

That afternoon we went to lunch at my new favorite place, The Pita Pit!!! Then we ran to Costco and then home so Emersyn could take a nap and we could do some cleaning. Brett finished cleaning our carpets and then did a number of other household tasks while I cleaned the kitchen and baked some muffins for the Valentine's playdate.

We decided to celebrate our Valentine's Day another day because the Young Adults ministry that we are apart of was having a dessert and game night at this charming cafe in NE Portland. It was fun and Emersyn got to play with her best buds, Stella and Audrey. Here are some pictures of our fun evening!

Emersyn liked Stella's ponytail!

I fell in love with these shoes the instant I saw them. I got them at Nordstrom Rack and they were $20 which is a little steep for kids shoes for me (unless they are like NIKE or something) but I had a $10 giftcard so it's like they were only $10! :) They are a 5.5, I can't believe it! They definitely are a little on the big side but that is good because she can grow into them. I thought they really completed her Valentine's Day look!


Rachel said...

Emersyn looks adorable in her tutu and I am in love with her shoes!!

Laurie said...

Hi Patti- I had such a fun time meeting Emersyn today! Oh my goodness, she is even more adorable in person... I really think her photos don't do her justice! She is just so wonderful- I am totally smitten! You are so blessed!