Friday, February 26, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

Everyone loves a good blog hop, right? :) Well, this one is hosted by a gal that lives in the Pacific Northwest, just minutes from me!! I don't find too many NW bloggers out there it seems. It's nice to meet you Lauren!!

1) When I'm nervous....oh my, I immediately have to go to the bathroom. Gastrointestinal issues accompany nerves for sure, LOL! I think some of my most nervous times have been singing on a stage and I used to get SO nervous that while singing, my LIPS would actually quiver and shake. I am sure that was amusing to watch! I also get really nervous with any kind of confrontation.

2) My favorite item in my closet is....hmm....I would have to say my boots. I got them in brown and black at a Nordstrom half yearly sale and I love them. They have a little heel on then and are knee high. I don't wear them as much now that I have Emersyn but when I do, I feel like a grown up!

3) My favorite thing to do when I need to relax is.....I would have to say that cuddling in bed with my husband and watching a movie is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax. By myself, reading at Starbucks with a coffee in hand.

4) My favorite childhood memory is......playing with my little brother. When we were pretty little, we used to put on Christmas "programs", complete with musical selections, me playing my tiny Casio keyboard, us making a "program" out of paper for my parents to use as a reference during our production, serving them egg nog. Fun times.

5) Something you may not know about me is that....oh geez, I am so bad at these types of questions. Well, how about this....I consider vacuuming to be a hobby!

6) A true friend....makes sure that everytime you get together, it isn't all about THEM. They give and take equally and never judge. They are honest with you when you ask for accountability and keep their advice to themselves when all you want to do is vent!

7) Something I hope people think of when they think of me is....enthusiasm and eternal optimism. :)

Well, I better go finish packing! I have a ladies retreat this weekend and I am SO excited. Vanessa, you will be missed!! :(

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my name is lauren. said...

hi fellow oregonian! you're doesn't seem like there are a lot of us out here in the blogosphere, so it's great to "meet" you :).

oh...and i'm pretty sure my husband wishes i thought of vacuuming as a hobby. i hate it!

thanks for playing along this week!

hope you have a great weekend.