Thursday, February 11, 2010

Longing to be crafty

(Note: I long to be crafty like Martha but avoid the whole going to jail thing)

I always envisioned being crafty when I grew up. I remember taking a stab at making cards and scrapbooking in my early 20's and then giving up due to lack of space, patience and finances. I thought that someday, when I had a house, THEN I would have room to be crafty.

I have owned a home now for 4 + years.

Still not crafty.

I don't bake. Not that great of a cook.

Not fishing for compliments here, just keepin' it real. :)

I long to be more domestic. Geez, I even have a label for my blogs called "Becoming Domestic". Right now I just don't feel like I have the TIME. Anyone with me?

I have plenty of crafty friends. Julia. Brianne. I'm talking about you. While I admire your crafty-ness, there is a hint of jealousy mixed in with that admiration. Okay, maybe not so much a hint but something larger, like a "tad bit"?? Anywhoo....

Last night I went to Joann's with my friend Julia. Emersyn is having a Valentine's Play Date on Monday for some friends and I am hoping to get crafty for the party. I walked into Joann's and nearly had a panic attack. Sweet, sweet Julia gave me SO many ideas but I could feel my eyes glazing over as I struggled to take it all in and thought to myself, "Hmmm....those pre-made Disney Princess Valentines at Target are sounding pretty appealing right now".

I have a busy life. I work 4 days a week. I am involved in several ministries at church. I am a Realtor. I am married. I have a toddler. I am trying to get healthy which is a time commitment for food prep (which I am STILL working on) and also time to work out.

At the end of the day, I just don't have time or patience to get out the craft supplies and get to it.


Maybe someday?

I am getting antsy to be a stay at home mom. I feel that this is partially because Brett has had some exciting opportunities at work which lead me to believe that a promotion is coming sooner versus later. But I know that even when I DO get the privilege of staying home (while still doing Real Estate on the "side"), I still won't have all the time in the world.

It makes me want to find things that I AM good at. I need to not put so much pressure on myself I think. When I planned Emersyn's Valentine Playdate, I envisioned my home being a sea of pink and red, decorated up the whazoo with hand crafted goods. Emersyn would pass out her handmade Valentine's and all the moms at the party would think, "how DOES she do it??".

Such will not be the case. :)

I am hoping to find some cute decorations before Monday. (Hello procrastination, you are my friend). But I need to realize that her party ISN'T about decorations. It is about her and 18 of her closest friends (Lord help me, my house is SO not big!!!) having fun together and making Valentine memories. I plan on doing this every year, it is fun to have a playdate with a theme I think. I need to realize that the moms there won't judge me for not being crafty but will instead appreciate an opportunity to all get together.

But still, maybe NEXT Valentine's Day I will have achieved SOME level of craftyness.
We'll see.


Julia said...

Patti, Patti, Patti.

While I very much appreciate your view of me as a crafty woman, I must tell you that I still have not organized our wedding photos. We're coming up on 3 years now. I have not made any curtains for my house, though I bought the fabric over 2 years ago. And while I have spent months at home of late, due to breaking my leg, I have only accomplished maybe 1/10th of the projects I thought I would get to.

I have lots of crafty ideas (which in huge part is due to my mother, who is the McGuyver of craftiness), but even though I am not working (at the moment) and do not (yet) have children, I still do not find the time to actually create crafty things.

And as far as the other moms wondering How does she do it? The first time I came over to your adorably decorated, comfortable put-your-feet-up home and ate a delicious homemade meal while your sweet and impeccably dressed daughter played in the newly-vacuumed living room and heard how you work not only a 20-hour-a-week office job, but also handle real estate clients on the side, as well as take care of your family; that was the only thing running thru my mind. How DOES she do it?

Because I think you have your priorities in the right place, and I'm continually impressed by the way you are able to stretch your time in order to leave everyone around you feeling loved, provided for and, ultimately, cared about. THAT it more impressive than any Martha-Stewart-esqu Valentine's party!

PS All that being said, after going to JoAnns I'm kinda stoked to make a heart garland, so if you'd be okay with it, I'd love to make one for your party. And I'll happily let you take the credit!! :)

Tyler said...

Right there with ya sister friend. Not crafty at all.. not even a little bit. And after my last post you know I am not crafty or!

You all will have a wonderful time with precious kiddos running everywhere. Everyone will enjoy being together. Laughing, Playing, and Eating! No worries girlie! Just make sure you take lots of pics for us here in bloggy land!

You rock girl! Keep it up :)

PS thanks for the tip.. I am going to give that a shot tomorrow night.. I will let ya know how it goes ;)

Chris, Dara, and Sydney said...

Don't worry! You may not be crafty, but you are an amazing writer, and that's not something all of us have! Your blog is always amazing and that is a talent not to be overlooked.

LeAnna said...

I too wish I were more crafty. I have good intentions, really, but I seem to lack the ability to follow through...hmm...maybe it's a short attention span? I don't know, but I hear ya.

Aimee said...

I aspire to be crafty. Really it just isn't in me. I want to sew, knit, paint, embroider and I do all those things, kinda. I own a sewing machine, I have, with help, made Jameson jammies and without help a pair of poorly sewn pants. As for knitting, I have made one knit-stitch scarf and one poorly knitted baby blanket. Ha ha. Some of my 2010 goals (of which there are many) are to take classes to properly learn these things.

I wish I were a neat/clean freak. Oh how I wish this daily. I am not *dirty* but a pack-rat and a messy person, in general. Dishes don't call out to me, a messy room never bothered me, clothes on the floor, eh! Unmade bed? All the better to take a mid-afternoon nap. Ha ha

I wish that I was as well organized as you. Again, this is one of my goals. A couple of books I am getting to *inspire* me are: "Spiritual tasks of the homemaker" "Homemaking and personal development" and "Homemaking as a social art." Along with reading books about the "Simplicity movement" I am hoping I can de-clutter our lives.

I think it is more important to make people feel loved and treasured than worry about which areas you aren't as good. (At least I tell myself that ha ha!)

Kristi said...

I am totally with you on this! I have so many crafty friends and I would love to be crafty too! I went to Joann's today and was completely overwhelmed as well. I was looking for fabric for Ava's bassinet.....I so wish I could sew, it would certainly make things way cheaper :) I hope to someday be crafty too....starting with scrapbooking :)

Sarah said...

Everybody's already said what I'd say, so I'll just chime in with the fact that I am bringing pre-made Dora Valentines on Monday. :) So, if you don't make your own Valentines, you won't feel alone. AND, if you want, you could just buy the Valentines so I don't feel bad about being the only one who didn't make my own. You'd then just be being a good friend. :)

(and P.S. I don't have the excuse of working 20+ hours a week, I just get waaaaay overwhelmed when I start crafting unless I am in a special mood)