Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Part two of Summer 2013

Looking back over the summer in pictures via Facebook and my computer, I am convinved that this summer was the most fun one we've had yet! Here is a hodge podge second part of summer recap.

This summer we......

 Washed our cars as a family! 

Went to Oaks Park on a girls date with Sophia and her mama! 

Sophia's face is so pathetic and hilarious at the same time, poor little lady!!!! 

We celebrated our little friend Emma's second birthday at the Farmer's Market! 

We ran into our friends Emery and Caitlin at the fountain too! 

We watched some of the air show and fireworks with our friends Tim, Sarah, Ben and Ellie! 

Emersyn finished her ballet class and is moving onto gymnastics this fall. She might go back to ballet someday....we'll see. :)

We participated in our second year at Young Champions! I was the coach for Emersyn's red team and it was a blast! Emersyn had two friends join us this year too, Sadie and Ellie who also did it last year with us. :) 


Everett got tubes put into his ears and it was the easiest procedure ever!!! His surgery started at 8:30am and we were leaving by 9am. He was a little tropper and the picture below sums up the experience. He was a happy clam. We've noticed tremendous improvements in his speech since the tubes were put in. He's speaking more clearly, in sentences and lots of new words including his new favorite thing to talk tubs. :) 

 Went to the zoo with friends.

  We harvested lots from our community garden including these yummy cherry tomatoes, Emersyn's FAVORITE!!! 

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