Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meeting Malachi

Malachi is my first nephew! He was born in February just two days after my birthday to Brett's oldest brother and his wife down in So Cal. He's been up to Portland once to visit but it was when we were in Hawaii so we didn't get to meet him and I was SO bummed!! I love babies and babies that are related to me are even MORE fun!! Malachi is only 18 months younger than Everett and I am so excited for them to bond later in life. I have two nieces that are 15 and 9. Emersyn is pretty close to the 9 year old but I suspect in a few year things will change as she enters teenage years and Emersyn is still very much a little girl. Malachi is so close to my kids ages that it makes me happy!!!

My sister in law texted me to say that she had an interview up here in Portland for a nursing job so I was going to get to meet Malachi sooner than I had been expecting. I was so excited!! 

While Marcy and Malachi were in town, we headed down to Albany to visit the great grandparents and got some cute pictures. Malachi's little grin is the cutest! I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite auntie....I just got a feeling that he adored me. :)

I so wished this sweet little face lived closer to us, especially for Everett's sake. Well, guess what? My wish came true....Marcy got the job and they are moving to Portland next month!


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