Thursday, September 5, 2013

Everett's 2nd Birthday

Dear Everett,

You are TWO years old, I can't hardly believe it!! I'll never forget the day you were born...hardest thing I ever did was push out that giant head of yours and you were worth every bit of that agony. ;) Everett David, your name means strong and dearly loved and this sums you up in a nutshell. You are the joy in our family's world and your mommy, daddy and sister just adore you!

You are happy from the minute you wake up. You like to wake up slowly. Often time when you sleep in I will go check on you and you are sitting up in your crib, sucking on your bink and cuddling with your blanket, a happy little clam. You go to bed around 8-8:30 and wake up between 7:30-8. You love going to sleep and sometimes will start singing, "niiiii niiiiii mommeeeee" when it's late and you're ready for bed. You very rarely fuss when going down for a nap but quickly stop when you realized that fussy boys don't get to sleep with their blankies and binkys. :)

You aren't a huge eater, despite your healthy size. Your favorite thing to eat is fruit. You ate an entire personal sized watermelon this summer at the fountain and I'm pretty sure it was the best day of your life. I cut up the watermelon in slices and while your sister and friends were playing in the fountain, you were sitting on the sidelines eating up all that delicious sweet goodness. You also love blueberries, mandarin oranges, apples, bananas and peaches. You don't care for meat much like your sister, although I think I remember her liking steak at your age. You are a pickier eater than she was. You like waffles (wakkles), crackers, cheese, bell peppers, spaghetti, pizza, Burgerville cheeseburgers, tater tots, kids Clif bars, applesauce pouches, mac and cheese with peas, oatmeal, greek yogurt, pizza.....hmm, maybe you aren't that picky after all. ;)

Your favorite show to watch right now is "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". We got you little pirate plates and napkins for your birthday and you were so proud of your "yo ho" plates. It was really cute.

You also really like "The Lorax" right now. It's a cute movie and Emersyn loves it too which is partly why I think you like it. You aren't a big tv watcher but one thing you will watch forever is country music videos, especially if there is a guitar being played. You love love LOVE music and love dancing and playing your guitar. In fact, for most of the summer you would run back inside yelling "GUI-YAR!" whenever we would leave and you would come back out with your beloved guitar. I have to admit, it's the cutest thing ever. I definitely see music in your future little man. 

This year for your birthday we decided to hold off on the big party and get away as a family. The Lord totally hooked us up with an AMAZING beach house rental. It was the nicest house we've ever stayed in and it was so so so special to be together as a family and celebrate YOU! It was just the four of us for the first night and most of your birthday and then Nana and Papa joined us.

We made you a special breakfast of birthday french toast. You loved it. You pretty much love any kind of sweet carb. 

There is something about the ocean that reminds me of how big God is and how little I am, and yet He has blessed me SO much. I am so blessed to be your mama Everett!!! 

We decided to open some presents early in the day before Nana and Papa got there so we could FaceTime with Mimi and Grandpa and also so you would have some toys to play with! You were more interested in your pretzels than you were the presents so big sister helped you out. 

This picture made me literally were more excited about the pretzel than the presents! Ha! 

Your last guitar wasn't really a guitar....nor was it really even yours. It was a ukulele that was your sisters. Mimi and Grandpa bought you your own real country guitar so you can properly jam now. You LOVE it! 

For your birthday lunch we went to Mo's, our favorite restaurant in Lincoln City. Turns out, you are a HUGE clam chowder fan just like Emersyn. I don't know very many two year olds that like bell peppers and clam chowder. You are a silly boy.

I adore you in TOMS and jeans. You're so handsome like your daddy.

We had so much fun, just chillin' around the house and enjoying each other. I cannot wait to go back!!!

Everett, when I think of you I think of your contagious little smile, your love for all things sports and music, how you always declare "I wanna RUN!" or "I wanna WALK" before we've even gotten outside or out of the car. Your kisses make me swoon and you so freely give them out. You love saying "goodnight" and "goodbye" and will give bye bye loves and night night loves to pretty much anyone. You love your grandparents, especially your Papa and Grandpa.

You wear a 3T shirt, 2T pants and weigh about 28lbs. Your favorite shoes are Crocs and Keens. You love wearing clothes that have balls on them, footballs, baseballs. You also love your Buzz Lightyear jams. You show no interest in potty training and I am okay with that.

Here is a message from your big sister: "I love Everett and I love that he is so cute and he's so handsome. He eats so cute. I love to go play at the park and get energy out with him. We like to play house together and restaurant. I love when Everett wears his superhero shirt and his cape. I think Everett is going to be the same as I am when he grows up, he will work at a hospital and he'll take care of people who are sick.  Love, Emersyn".

Everett, I love you so much and pray that I would be the best mama to you that I can be. You bless me more than I ever thought possible.

Love you baby boy!!!!!


Your Mama


sister sheri said...

Those must have been some yummy pretzels!

MiMi said...

He is such a character! Love his cute personality!
Love you

MiMi said...

Love this! Second time I have read the top 2 posts!