Thursday, September 12, 2013

Emersyn's 5th Birthday Party

For Emersyn's 5th birthday I knew I wanted to have a dance party. We LOVE music and dancing around our house. I was at a lost for an affordable and fun venue to host this sort of event and then a friend suggested just doing it at the park, brilliant! 

I booked Magnolia Park in Hillsboro back in March. It's a more popular park in our area. We've had four parties there and they are always a blast, minus a few factors like the crazy breeze (which is nice on a hot day) and the bees. We got some traps this year for the bees but they will still crazy around the food. Boo. 

I decided to make all the baked goods for Ems party this year. Normally we get an amazing cake from Lambs Bakery but I was pretty sure a rainbow cake like I wanted would be spendy and I am slowly getting over the need for perfection. I figured I would give it a shot and crossed my fingers.

 I made the cake the morning of the party which was slightly risky but I wanted it to be fresh. Worst case scenario, I run to Costco and pick up a cake. Birthday cake stress is just too much of a first world problem to justify. ;)

I am normally TERRIBLE at frosting cakes but this turned out okay actually! I bought a new spreader and also decided to frost the little balls on the bottom to cover up any perfections along the plate. I was really happy with how it turned out considering.
 I also did rainbow cupcakes for the kids which turned out great too! A little time consuming but cheap and cute.

I loved how the fruits and veggies turned out. These are all some of Emersyn's favorites and I put hummus in the middle part once we got to the party.  Amazing how bright and colorful these things are that come straight from the God's creation, no artificial colors needed. Side note: the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes came from my garden!

My talented friend Rachelle did the invite for me and her husband is the one who took pictures at the party. We are thankful for the Polits family and their talents. :) 

The kids had so much fun dancing and I loved watching their happy faces. We bought a little mini sound system on Amazon and it will be sure to get used again in the future. Music is always fun at a party. 

I knew I wanted to do a dance wand of some sort, as a favor and to add to the fun. I messaged my super creative friend Carissa and told her my vision. Not only did she give me an idea for a concept....she went out and bought and prepped everything for me so all I need to do was assemble them and she stayed under budget! I paid her back but the amount of time that she saved me was priceless.  Carissa has a super cool blog, check it out HERE!!

I love the balloons that are strung up on twine. Kind of look like a poor man's paper lantern. ;) 
A few kiddos has already left at this point so this isn't quite all of them but we had a fun bunch! 

The happy birthday song is like the highlight of Emersyn's year. She LOVES it and loves being sung to. 

I can't believe my sweet girl is FIVE! I love you Emersyn Grace!!

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