Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} Hand me downs are a B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G. Seriously. Everett's wardrobe is 80% hand me downs. They just keep coming too. This past week at the nursery a friend had left a bag with clothes in it and some darling NIKE shoes. I just bought him some Old Navy shoes that I didn't love but at this age I like them to start wearing something on their feet (it's just so darn cute). I can take the Old Navy shoes back now, yay! I used to somewhat hoard Emersyn's clothes and want to make sure I could sell them in the future. Now I am SO happy to give them to friends knowing the blessing they are. Right now I have three little girls that get Ems clothes depending on their ages. They usually go through one girl, are given back to me and then I give them to a younger girl. So fun to see her clothes *live on*.

{2} My hands and feet have shrunk with each pregnancy. When my hands are cold now my wedding ring just about falls off. If only other parts of my body would shrink as well. ;)

{3} We cancelled cable, did I tell you that already?? It's fabulous!!!! We missed it for about two or three days but now we are officially over it. I'd say 25% of our motivation was financially but 75% of the motivation was just quit watching TV just because we had junk recorded on it. It's funny, when the DVR would record something there was almost like pressure to watch it. It's nice knowing that we can watch something on Hulu or Netflix if we want to but we don't have to. It's great. That is all. <--- That was for you Melissa V. ;)

{4} Our pantry project is finally finished. I'm so proud of my hubby!! He painted and finished this all on his own and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

We just finished it last night so I have yet to fill it full of things but I can't wait for some of the clutter of our kitchen to be rid of. We don't have a pantry at all and it's a challenge, let me tell you! P.S. We need to put something in this pot but what? We just tossed the sticks that were in there....they were 6 years old and super dusty. Or maybe the pot should stay empty. Stay tuned.

{5} My poor Everett's eyes have been so red and itchy lately, the same with the backs of his ears. And it is SO hard to keep his little nails trimmed. I wish you could take your baby to have their nails trimmed like you can dogs. Is that an awful thought?? I just worry about cutting him. I even file his nails down but they are still razor sharp little buggers. So, as a result of his eyes and ears itching they are also cut up from his nails. He looks just awful at times. :(

{6} I made my first sewing lesson appointment!! It's in February after my birthday. Age 31 is going to be the year I get my sewing on.

{7} I'm going to read the Hunger Games!! My friend let me borrow the book and I'm hoping to get a chance to read them SOON!

{8} We are having BBQ Chicken Salads tonight for dinner. I've blogged about what I put in them before HERE!

{9} Ems was wearing a darling outfit last Sunday and decided she wanted to pose for some pictures outside. I just love this little girl!!!


LeAnna said...

Loving your new pantry corner thinga-majig! Such a pretty color! Handmedowns and thrift shopping are the way to go! I'm a clothing hoarder as well, but only because we plan on having a few more kids and hopefully they'll get used.
Can't wait to see what you turn out with your sewing machine!

MiMi said...

I Love her Mimi sweater!
Very cute and models great!