Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Day

My brother is a proud uncle. :)

I was going through my blog drafts and realized that I completely forgot to post this draft about Christmas Day!! How lame am I?? My mom must have been wondering why on earth I only blogged about our celebration with my in-law's and not them. Ooops! Well, better late then never.

My brother David and his wife Jenny.

Ems needed a new CD player for her room. She has a personalized lullaby CD that she listens to every time she goes to sleep so needless to say, this CD player she has had since her first Christmas needed to be replaced. I found a CD player that is also a portable karaoke machine with plug in's for an iPod. It's so much fun and Emersyn LOVES singing into a microphone. She's a natural, what can I say? :)

Emersyn got her brother a present....a sea horse "glow worm". He loves it! Now that I think about it, I totally forgot to get a present from Everett for Emersyn. Oops, ha ha!

My parents are kind of tough to shop for. A big reason for that is that they travel here and we don't want to get them anything bulky or heavy to have to haul home. This year I thought of the perfect gift for my dad....a classic moose mug from our family's favorite Christmas movie "Christmas Vacation". Look at how surprised he is when he opened it! I was so happy to capture this look on my camera. :)

My dad drank egg nog out of it just like Chevy Chase did in the movie. Then he drank out of if rot the rest of the night, even filled it up with sparkling grape cider for when we did communion before dinner.

This Santa suit was totally cheesy and I LOVED it!!! How adorable is he??

Ems in her jammies from Mimi and slippers from Nana!

Happy birthday Jesus pumpkin pie!!

Mimi and Everett.

We had prime rib for dinner and it was a wonderful day!

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