Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

We have been able to find a good balance with family during the holidays. On Christmas Eve we go to church, then to our dear family friend's house for a dinner and party with my family. Christmas morning we spend with Brett's family and then Christmas afternoon and evening we spend with my parents and my brother and his wife. Then because we spend so much time with my parents for the holiday since they come for two weeks and stay at our house, we always do a New Year's Day brunch with Brett's family at our house and I make quiche, one of my favorite things to eat!

Christmas Eve was spent going to breakfast in the morning and then running errands with my mom and Everett while the men and the Ems watched football. Then we headed to church in the evening.

I bought this outfit at the Hannan Anderson outlet when Ems was 4 months old for $10 ($5 each for the tights and the skirt) and I thought she would wear it the following Christmas. Well, it just this year finally fit! I thought she looked like a Christmas princess.

The Christmas Eve service at church is always so special. They do a story time for the kids, advent reading, sing Christmas carols and then my favorite part....a candlelight time. A little girl sings "Silent Night" and comes into the sanctuary with one candle and then she lights our Pastor's candle and then he goes and lights other people's and then we all light each other's candles. Emersyn wanted her own this year and she was so careful and proud to be holding it by herself. I could feel the people around us nervously watching her and I was too, ha ha. I was totally ready to stomp out a fire on the ground if she dropped it. :)

After the service, we headed over to the Meichtry's house for food and fun! Emersyn got to hang out with her buddy Ian, who she has repeatedly expressed interest in marrying. They are adorable together.

Erica finally got to meet Everett! He was still in my tummy at her wedding this past summer, though he made his arrival less then two weeks after her big day.

Santa always makes an appearance on Christmas Eve!! Last year Ems cried and was NOT into it! This year she was hesitant but way more into it.

Everett was pretty chill although he must have been pretty excited to lose his shoe at some point in the evening.

After the party we headed home to put out treats for Santa! Ems was SO excited!

Sampling Santa's milk to make sure it tasted good.

A healthy snack for Santa, just in case he starts to feel icky from all the cookies!

A Starbucks VIA packet in case he needs a caffeine boost. We also put a homemade sugar cookie on the plate.

And here's how the tree looked with all the goodies underneath! I love my tree and love wrapping presents.

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