Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4 Months

"Hello there handsome..."

Everett David, you are 4 months old already! How did that happen?

I took you to the dr. today for your 4 month visit and it was our first visit just the two of us. We've always had your sister with us and usually one other person too, either Nana or Mimi. I enjoyed our little *date* to the dr's office.

(Don't judge Mommy's roots....I have a hair appointment on the calendar this month!!)

Upon arriving at the office we got checked in and escorted back to a room where I got you naked and ready for your big 4 month scale reveal. I was sure you were around 16 or 17 pounds at least. I was wrong! 15lbs, 12 oz (52nd percentile). The nurse weighed you twice because she thought you looked bigger too! You are exactly one pound bigger then your sister was at this age! You are 26.5 inches long (97th percentile) , also exactly one inch longer then Emersyn! You are my long and lean boy. The dr. took a good look at you and determined a couple things. For one, you are ADORABLE but I knew that already. Secondly, your eczema has flared up pretty badly and mama is so sorry about this. I feel like it is partially my fault but not because of anything I did knowingly. Dr. Smart says I need to lube you up twice a day and she also gave us a prescription for some medicine that worked really well on Emersyn. I also went a bought you a thicker lotion cream that should help as well. Thirdly, you have cradle cap still pretty bad. :( The cradle cap has affected your ears a bit and they are very dry and cracked. You tend to pull at them at times and the dr. said this is probably because they itch. You are such a good natured baby, I would have never known anything was bothering you. Behind one of your ears got really dry and cracked and is now infected so I have to apply an antibacterial cream.

Seriously, could you be any cuter?!!?

You have been blessed with amazing health so I can't complain too much about this eczema/dry skin. Emersyn had it really bad and now doesn't have it at all. This is encouraging!

Okay, enough boring dr. talk! Let's get to more fun things, shall we? You are my darling boy and sweetest little buddy. Your smiles and giggles bring me such intense joy that I can hardly stand it. I am so honored to be your mama.

During your 4th month of life we enjoyed many fun activities. We went on many many Starbucks dates, some with just mommy and daddy, some with sister too, and lots with Mimi and Grandpa. They have this magical card that is golden and has Grandpa's name on it. When you hand it to the cashier, all the beverages are paid for instantly and it's just wonderful!!

You loved hanging out with Grandpa while they were here for two weeks. You two had some man to man time reading about the car of the year in this Motor Trend magazine.

You are such a sweet and chill baby.

Last Sunday we took you to your first sporting event, a Portland Trailblazers game! We debated taking you or not but decided it would be fun and easier to coordinate with your eating schedule. I was nervous at first but you did amazing. You didn't make a peep! I couldn't resist buying you a shirt at Fred Meyer before the game. It's a size 12 months though so you can wear it all season. :)

Many of our friends warned us that it would be super loud at the game and that you would need ear plugs of some sort. I improvised with my hands instead.

My hands must have worked pretty well because before we knew it, you had passed out! It was so cute!!!

You just adore your sister. Every day when we put her down for a nap, I try to snap a quick picture of you two to send to Daddy at work. You guys just love cuddling.

You are a drooling machine these days!

This is a picture of you looking at your sister. Oftentimes when I take your picture I'll ask Emersyn to help me get you to smile. It always works!

You have started wearing 9 months clothing, mainly for the length. You are officially too big for the 1/2 diapers at Costco so you are in size 2 or 2/3. You are a great eater, though sometimes I run out of food for you. You'll be getting some rice cereal soon so coat your tummy and also give you more iron.

You are just my precious little man and I think God every day for you! I can't believe how quickly you are growing up. I love you forever and ever.

Love, Mama


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He is the CUTEST THING EVER!! :)