Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Over it!!!!!!!

(Stole this picture from Dara's blog)

Warning: this is not going to be a fun blog post but more of a place for me to vent.

Here is our sickness timeline:

*Early last week: Ems has runny nose and is sneezing a ton, I chalk it up to allergies
*Thursday: I start to develop sore throat, blame it on allergies again.
*Friday: have killer sore throat. Cancel playdate but proceed with date night out of desperation for some quality time with my husband. Go to see "Something Borrowed" which was cute. Only problem is, the movie didn't start until 10:20. What were we thinking?!?! We're way too old to be out that late!! Didn't get home 'til 1am and at that point everytime I swallowed it felt like I was swallowing broken glass.
*Saturday: wake up early and head to Walgreens for some better cough drops and allergy medicine. I was still trying to convince myself this was all allergy related. Then Brett and I went down to Woodburn to pick up some arborvitae's. After Woodburn, I got ready for a birthday party and went to pick up Ems from her Nana's where she stayed during our date. Nana says Ems has green snot so I vote to stay home from the party which was SUCH a bummer. If it had just been me feeling icky, I would have totally gone but taking a green snot monster to a little girls party = party foul.
*Sunday: wake up with my left eye crusted over. Awesome. Call dr. on call and he says based on my symptoms it's a viral pink eye infection with no treatment required, just need to wait it out. I quarantine myself to my room for the day and catch up on SisterWives episodes (I stopped watching for awhile but then got curious again) and took a couple naps. Brett gets to hang out with the green nosed monster and judging from the way they destroyed my downstairs, I'd say they had a fun time.
*Monday: wake up with my OTHER eye crusted over in addition to the left eye. Seriously!?!?! Call the dr. again who reiterates the same information. In-laws text me to ask for a ride to the airport. I decline due to crusty eyes but I do make a trip to Starbucks, my drug of choice. I may or may not have indulged in a piece of coffee cake too via the drive thru. Ems is still green snotted monster but in a great mood. We rent "Tangled" from Redbox and attempt to watch it together. Then we realize that sitting and watching movies is just not who we are and Ems starts to play in her kitchen and I clean up the kitchen. We let the movie play in the background and enjoy the bits and pieces we see. Emersyn takes a great nap. I didn't feel tired so I decide to make my husband the happiest man around and iron several of his work shirts and do a bunch of laundry. I am proud of my productivity despite my diseased state.
*Tuesday: Ems wakes up and is excited to go to bible study. Today is the last day and we were supposed to go out to lunch afterwards. I take one look in the mirror at my freaky pink eyes and see the constant green snot flow from my daughter's nose and decide it may be best to stay home, rather then scare the public with our appearance. I dread a long day of boredom and not feeling good STILL and now have developed a wheezy cough. I may treat myself to some "me" time when Brett gets off work and go use my double coupons at Albertsons. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee right now and blogging my heart out as therapy.

That's the sickness timeline so far. Do you feel sorry for me because that's the whole point of the timeline, to conjure up sympathy. I'm starting to do that whole debating whether or not to take Ems to the dr. but she's sleeping well through the night, no temp and in good spirits. Usually that just means it's a cold or virus and you have to let it do it's thing. I have another ultrasound tomorrow (whoo hoo) because Kaiser never transferred my medical records to my new dr. (thank you Kaiser!) so they want to do an ultrasound to verify the gestational age. I also have a regular dr. appointment on Thursday when I'll do the glucose test.

It's supposed to be a nice day today. I'm hoping to get some fresh air but if the sun is bright, it will burn my pink little eyes since I'm wearing my glasses and not able to wear my sunglasses.

Whah whah whah.

I hope that all of you in blog land are staying healthy and happy!!!!


Dara Wills said...

I laughed so hard when I saw that little monster picture pop up in the thumbnail pic on my blog, isn't that an awesome graphic? I hope you guys feel better, yesterday was my first day better after 9 days and I cleaned my kitchen so it SPARKLES because I was so tired of sitting around. Oh, and I watch Sister Wives, too, it's awesome!

Melissa said...

I have seen that pic before & i love it! I cracked up at "do you feel sorry for me now?" that sounds like ME! HAHAHA. Anyway, i DO feel sorry for you & i'm SO sorry you've been sick & have had to miss out on things b/c of it. I used to get pink eye all the time - YUCK! Haven't had it in years. But yeah last week i was sick w/ sore throat, i think i'm finally better though.

I hope you & Ems both are better REALLY soon! Love you!

LeAnna said...

Bless ya'lls hearts! Hope you are over the snotty crusties soon.

Momma Hunt said...

You sound yicky...I am sending happy healthy vibes along with no more snot or crusty eyes