Friday, May 27, 2011


* I have an ear infection. Yesterday I had my OB appointment and asked her to glance in my ears because I suspected I had an infection. Turns out, I was right. Oy. Glad to be on antibiotics though, praying they kick in fast. I'm exhausted from being sick and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it. :)

*Emersyn woke up at 6am this morning. Why?? It's the earliest I think she's EVER woke up. Brett brought her into bed with us which was probably a mistake. I think we need to make her read quietly in her room when she wakes up at the crack of dawn. This mama can't function on that little of sleep and I don't know WHY she woke up...she didn't get to bed until 9pm!

*Hopefully next week there is more delightful content on this blog. Hearing about how sick I am is just as irritating to me as it potentially is to you. :)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!

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Melissa said...

Aw, Patti, I'm so sorry you're still sick! And ear infections are the worst! :( I hope you're feeling great very soon!