Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We didn't plan it, I promise!!! :)

So back when I found out that I was expecting Baby #2 (who we can officially refer to as Baby E now because both our possible names start with E) one of my concerns was that a good friend of mine might be upset over our *accidental* good fortune since she and her husband had been trying for several months. In fact, back in the fall when Brett and I started tossing around the idea of trying for another baby, one of the things that held me back was wanting to wait until Jonette got pregnant at least. Jonette's daughter Stella is one of Emersyn's little besties. They are exactly 2 months apart, Ems being the older one.

I saw Jonette for the first time after the craziness of the holidays and it felt slightly awkward to me because I knew I had this big secret and I don't do well keeping secrets, secrets of my own anyways. :) We had a meeting at our church and then decided to take our girls to the mall so they could play. At the childrens play area we watched the girls play and again, there was this awkwardness in the air. I didn't know when or how I should tell her about being pregnant. Should I tell her in a group so she can absorb it with other people around? Should I tell her one on one so she has time to process it?

Finally, after a 20 minute painfully awkward playdate Jonette turns to me and says, "okay....I feel like I'm keeping something from you". Oh my gosh, I start to get perfect would it be if she were already pregnant?!?! "What is it???" I ask. "Well.....I'm PREGNANT" Jonette exclaims excitedly. "Oh my word, I AM TOO!!!!!!" I yell and we totally have this moment in the children's play area and hug and it was so so surreal and fun. It was like the PERFECT way to tell each other and I was just ecstatic. She is two weeks ahead of me.

We decided to have two other couples over for dinner a couple weeks later to tell them our good news. We put the girls in their big sister t-shirts and let them play. It was so fun to watch our friends reactions as they slowly read their t-shirts and were like, wait, what?? It was a really fun night. :)

Ems in disguise...she had to hide her big sister shirt until Stella got there so we could do the big reveal together. It took our friends a little bit to read what they said. :)

Now, however, whenever people at church find out that we are pregnant together, I totally know that they think we planned this together but that SO isn't the truth. We revealed that I was pregnant at 8 weeks, Jonette waited until 14 weeks. People assume that she got pregnant because I was pregnant but in reality, she is more pregnant then I am. It's a funny situation.

If things go they way they did last time and she delivers a week late and I deliver a week early, the kids may just share a birthday week if not a birthday, how crazy would that be?!?!

Okay, that's my fun story for today. Hope everyone is doing well. I have a terrible cough and it's a total bummer. Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow. :)


Tricia said...

She is adorable

and I am so happy for you

Dara Wills said...

Is that a George Fox sweatshirt on Em's?! I went to Fox and LOVED IT!! What a great school. Sydney has a t-shirt they sent me, along with a $500.00 tuition credit for her, when she was born just for being the baby of alumni.

LeAnna said...

Awwwwww, how cool is that!?! It'll be so great to have babies together again!!

MiMi said...

This is such a sweet story!
Your Friendship is one of a kind! To think of each other's feelings is precious!
God takes care of the littlest of burden's we have for each other!
Love you Both

Melissa said...

That is so exciting! I love how y'all told each other! :)

Sherrie said...

That is really fun. I had a friend pregnant the same time I was with Ashlin. Our girls are only three days apart. I remember you talking to me about waiting until she got pregnant before you wanted to start trying. Guess it all worked out perfectly :) -S

sister sheri said...

I love this story! I am excited for all of you. And hope you start feeling much better soon!