Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30th Birthday Weekend!

I had SUCH a great birthday weekend thanks to my amazing husband and friends. :)

My day started off on Friday, my actual birthday, with a Starbucks date with my favorite little lady.

In honor of my birthday I got her a kids vanilla steamer. She drank it in one gulp I'm pretty sure. She loved it. :)

After Starbucks we headed to the kids salon to get her bangs cut, even though she does look awfully cute with no bangs. Her hair is so fine though that if we tried to grow out her bangs I think they would be in her face ALL the time unless they were in a clip or something.

This is worth every penny of the $5 that the salon charges. E holds perfectly still for them and they do a good job. After we got her bangs cut we headed to the library to feed the ducks!

After the ducks we headed home and Emersyn requested an early nap time, God bless her. We both took about a two hour nap and it was wonderful. :)

Brett had said that we had plans for Friday night and the only thing I knew was that Emersyn was going to spend the night at my in-laws so I needed to get her ready for that. I didn't know anything else. My secret wish was that Brett was taking me on a date but I kind of figured that he might have planned something with friends. It's not that I didn't want to hang out with friends, it's just that it had been a loooong time since we had gone on a date and that is what I truly wanted for my birthday.

Before we headed out, I opened a present from my Auntie Marti....a beautiful Amethyst necklace!!!

(Cheesy self portrait but I sent this to Marti so she could see how nice the necklace looked on!)

Brett got home from work and we immediately leaded over to his parents house to drop E off. Then we drove off to our secret location and arrived at.....The Melting Pot!!!! We had eaten at the Melting Pot for Brett's 25th birthday and it was one of our most favorite memories. I was SO excited when we pulled into the parking garage. And it was a date for just the two of us. :)

We were at the restaurant for over three hours! We had a cheddar fondue appetizer, salad, entrees and then dessert. It was my favorite. When we were first seated they put us at this really tiny crammed booth and I HATED it. I asked the lady that sat us if we could have a different seat and she said they were all reserved. I was going to be really bummed if we had to sit at this lame table so Brett went and told the manager that it was my birthday and I was pregnant and uncomfortable and they moved us to another booth instantly. My hero. Where we sit in a restaurant is a big deal to us since we don't' get to go out that often! We are all about the full experience!

After dinner we headed home and Brett surprised me with a purse from Macy's that he had picked out and I LOVED it!!! I didn't take a picture of it but you can see it here if you are just dying to know what it looks like. I got the silver color. I have been wanting a purse for a long time but am terrible at making a decision and loved the one that Brett got me. He said that we could go shopping the next day to make sure it was my favorite but I refused and said that I loved it and it was perfect! I was not expecting a gift after our pricey dinner but I guess Brett wanted me to feel spoiled and he succeeded. :)

The next morning we headed over to pick up Emersyn and Brett mentioned that we had plans for that evening which came as a total shock to me. It turns out I DID get to celebrate with friends too! My friend Jonette hosted a small little party for our close friends to celebrate my big 3-0. :)

My crafty friend Rachelle made me this DARLING book...

It is seriously like my favorite thing. Words of affirmation are totally a love language of mine and I could read and re-read the sweet things written in this book every single day. What a special gift!!

We had such a fun night and I felt like I got the best of both worlds......I was able to have this amazing date night AND celebrate with friends. SO fun!

My sweet parents made my birthday weekend so special too. They sent my birthday gift in a card (yay for $$) and also surprised me with two other gifts, one being this copper tea pot that was my Gigi's. I just love it and whenever I see it on my stove, I think of her fondly. She used to make me tea when I was sick and it was a special Gigi thing. My mom also had a cake made and delivered to me by a friend who is an aspiring baker. Seriously, my parents are SO thoughtful.

Yay for a wonderful weekend and yay for turning 30. It's going to be a great year!!! :)


Melissa said...

Patti, that sounds like an awesome bday weekend! YAY! Love that you got your date night AND a night w/ friends! I love how they were all surprises, too (Brad never surprises me... i love him! But he just doesn't know how to surprise like that LOL.) That card is so sweet & thoughtful, i love it!! And i like your purse! Nine West has the best purses!! I agree, it's perfect. :)


Sherrie said...

I'm so glad you had such a fun birthday weekend. Matt & I have never been to the Melting Pot. We went in there once, but it was too hot inside for us to want to dine. Maybe we will have to go back. I hope you have a wonderful year. The 30's have been great to me and I can't wait to enter the 40's!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Patti!!! You totally deserved it all!

P.S. LOVE the purse!

Jules said...

What a perfect birthday weekend! Date nights are so important to us too. Happy Birthday.

Momma Hunt said...

Sounds like an aamzing birthday weekend. Happy Birthday

sister sheri said...

Love this!!! So glad you posted about all the wonderful things... Have an amazing year!

Julia said...

Yay! Birthdays are a big deal to me, but not so much to Jeff so I totally know how great it is when husbands go overboard to make it special. Sounds like Brett did a fabulous job (and double points for HIM asking for a new seat-seriously that would've made my whole day!). And I just had to comment on that first pic with your necklace--pretty necklace but YOU look AMAZING! Pregnancy is definitely agreeing with you, pretty lady! 30 is going to be awesome-I got pregnant with Annabelle the month I turned 30 & it is seriously the best present!