Sunday, February 13, 2011


Oh man.

This mama is FRIED after a week/weekend with a cranky two year old. Emersyn has given me a glimpse into why people call this age the "terrible twos". Honestly she's not usually *that* terrible. :) Yes, this age has challenges but for the most part she is reasonable and easy to distract when she is being naughty.

Not this week.

I am a total relater (at least when it comes to my daughter) and this impacts my parenting sometimes in a not so good way. I tend to make excuses for her behavior and there comes a point when I don't know how much I really should discipline her when she's under the weather. But at the same time, we're trying to be consistent and not let her rule the house. It's a challenge and one that has worn Brett and I out this weekend!! Emersyn is feeling better but still battling a cough that wears her out I think and I totally get that. I think she's not sleeping as well which makes her more tired which makes her cranky and again, I totally get that too. She's SUPER whiny, constantly wants up, and throws fits at the drop of a hat.

I am totally just venting here after a long weekend. It's not really as big of a deal as I'm making it but in case I have given the impression that Emersyn is the perfect child, here is your reassurance that she is indeed not. :) I definitely have been more lenient with her this week and we have cuddled lots and lots. I know that she needs more attention when she's not feeling well but it almost seems like as she's feeling better, her behavior is getting worse??

Meanwhile, I'm sick with a cough that Ems generously shared with me, super nauseous for a large part of the day and just beat. Oy. But now my little monkey is sleeping in bed and I'm going to watch a movie with her daddy. After I put Ems to bed I came downstairs and Brett and I just looked at each other with this look like "we made it!!". :)

This too shall pass. :) Hoping for a much healthier week!!!!!!!

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Dara Wills said...

Sorry you're so tired, friend. That sucks to be sick and in the first trimester. Hang in there!