Monday, February 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Happy Valentine's Day! Unfortunately I had to cancel Emersyn's annual Valentines Day Playdate due to both of us being sick. I sure am glad I cancelled it though; she was up for half the night with an earache. It was a rough night for us but she finally calmed down when we brought her into bed with us. She has never slept with us before, it was interesting. :) I kept feeling sweet little hands and feet rubbing my back. I didn't sleep well at all and am totally looking forward to nap time. We don't have any exciting VDay plans. My in-laws offered to keep E tonight so we could go on a date and I think I am going to take them up on it even if it's just for a break. I don't know that I'll feel well enough for a date but would love to go to bed early. I think Ems going to spend the night too so I can go to bible study in the morning and then I have to stay after for a lunch meeting and I don't think E would enjoy having to sit and be quiet for a couple hours. I'm thankful that Auntie Marcy is going to hang out with E Tuesday morning!!

{2} I have all my birthday cards displayed on my mantle. It makes me feel happy and loved. :)

{3} Yesterday Brett gave E a long bath and I decided to clean up the downstairs. I can accomplish more in 30 min alone then I can all day with E. After it was clean, we had a MUCH better day. I have determined that Ems is a lot like me and doesn't do well when her surroundings are messy and chaotic. It just puts her in a funk and I can totally relate!

{4} I obsessively check expiration dates of everything I eat and especially at other peoples house. Did you know that MOST peoples condiments are expired? Seriously. I have found salad dressings on other peoples dinner tables that expired YEARS ago. SICK. One time we were at a friends house and literally every single thing she served was expired. From the Bisquick biscuits, all the condiments, etc. I didn't dare eat anything. I also check dry goods for bugs pretty obsessively as well. Once in high school I was at a friends house and she started making waffles from a mix and I looked close and there were little bugs crawling around. Now every single time I open my flour, sugar, etc. I look for little critters. So far I haven't found any but still.

{5} I used to have NO idea how women resented pregnancy so much. In fact, I thought they were kind of selfish. Here this miracle of life is growing inside them and they are complaining about feeling tired, etc??

Now I totally understand what they are talking about.

{6} Toasted Trader Joes blueberry waffles with just a little butter are my favorite thing right now.

{7} We watched two movies this weekend. "Red" and "Wall Street". We liked Red and thought Wall Street was really really slow. It was fun to just sit on the couch and hold hands though. We go through phases of watching movies. Sometimes we'll go months without watching any and then one random weekend we'll watch like three.

{8} Emersyn's new favorite thing to say is "in a minute" and "hang on". Such a turkey.

{9} Brett was totally singing a "Yo Gabba Gabba" song in the shower today, ha!


Momma Hunt said...

So cute- I love the comment about pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy wiht my son..then I got preggers with number two. No more naps after work for the soon to be momma, morning sickness so bad I had to go on medicine and at the end crippling hip pain. And I still know that I had it easy compared to some!

Dara Wills said...

Ha! I totally just got up and checked the expiration date on my ketchup (May 2012). You are so funny! I found little critters once in a box of pizza dough mix and never bought it again :( You are so funny!

Melissa said...

I was horrified when i read about everything being expired! EWWW! I can assure you everything in my fridge is good. i never considered myself obsessive about that - i thought everyone kept up w/ that?! I clean the fridge sometimes & throw out whatever is bad. And at work, ew! i'll clean out the fridge there to when it gets too bad & i the first time i did it (in 2010), i threw away stuff from 2007!!! I was like SERIOUSLY!!!

I hope you feel better. I heart you!