Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} I am pretty sure that this little girls face is going to be plastered all over the Hillsboro Farmer's Market next weekend via a "Wanted" poster.

Wanted: Farmer's Market Bandit
Crime: Stealing berries from mulitple booths with reckless oblivion.
Ha ha.
No really, I could hardly keep up with Emersyn on Saturday. She would run from booth to booth, jacking blackberries in particular. Several booth vendor's were not pleased. Finally I bought this thing of blueberries (a much less mess berry) for Ems to munch on and she was a happy camper.
{2} One of my best friends is due with her first baby, a little girl, in three weeks. I get giddy excited when I think of holding a newborn.
{3} Yummiest thing ever: sliced sweet onions, crushed fresh garlic, drizzle of olive oil, mix together in a jimmy rigged foil pouch and then grill. Seriously.
{4} This is how Emersyn experiences a time out at a resteraunt.

Brett and I will laugh and have ourselves a good old time and Emersyn misses out on all the fun due to her naughty behavior. How sad.
{5} I used to dread summer ending but now I don't so much. I LOVE fall and there's something about summer that has not encouraged me to say on the *ahem* weight loss wagon.
{6} Emersyn loves guacamole. We may or may not have let her eat it with a spoon the other day.
Okay, we did.
{7} This week my baby girl turns TWO. In one month my husband turns 30. Wow.
{8} Over the weekend I was having SO much fun with my sweet girl. At one point, a mean voice whispered in my ear (imaginary voice mind you), "don't you wish you got to do this everyday with her and didn't have to work". I told that voice to shut it! I wasn't about to let the devil ruin my beautiful moment with my little lady. I'm livin' in the moment people, enjoying each minute and hour for what it is and not dwelling on what I can't change. And because of that, my life is wonderful. Not perfect but wonderful. :)
{9} I'm totally going to get Emersyn some cowboy boots again this fall. I just put away her boots from last fall and they were too darn cute.


LeAnna said...

Toooo funny about the berries, lol! Little stinker! I can't believe I've been reading your blog for a year now, man time flies!

Sue and Kevin said...

Love reading about your Momdays!

sister sheri said...

Hate those imaginary voices! Love this statement ~ "And because of that, my life is wonderful. Not perfect but wonderful." Choosing Joy!