Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Emersyn

Dear sweet Emersyn,

Every since I had you I am instantly teary eyed when it comes to putting into words how much I love you. Just typing out "happy 2nd birthday" did me in. They are happy tears though, for my life has never been the same since that very very special August 28th at 3:45 in the morning.

I cannot believe you are two years old. I thank God each and every night for your health Emersyn. I pray that God will protect your mind, your heart, and your body from any disease or illness and He has been so faithful to do so. Every night I watch you sleep and you are the picture of perfection. Your hair is such a beautiful strawberry blonde color and I love how long it's getting. Mommy is still working on perfecting the art of piggy tails. You have such an adorable little body too, a miniature little person. Your baby fat has lessened for the most part, though you do still have a belly on you, though I'm not one to talk. :) You have the cutest legs with shapely little calves. I love painting your toe nails, they look adorable pink.

You are just the right blend of girly and tough. You love your bike, airplanes and trucks but also love your purse, mommy's make up and cooking. I wouldn't say you are a daddy's girl or a mommy's are both of our girl and I truly believe you love us equally but differently. You love your mommy's snuggles and your daddy's flips. You love your mommy's silly songs and your daddy's silly snuggles.

You are going to make a great big sister someday. I'm not sure exactly when that day will be but you never know, it could be before your next birthday!! You are very maternal, love taking care of your babies and feeding them. Last night you were rocking your baby and giving her the most tender sweet kisses while you sang to her. You often come and tell me that your baby is poopy and and then make the same gagging noises that I make when I change you as you wipe their bums.

Here are some stats about you: I'm not sure how tall you are but I know you weigh about 27 pounds. You wear a 2T in most brands, and a 3T in some other brands even which is crazy. Your favorite foods are: STRAWBERRIES!! (You ask for these by name almost daily and can eat through a giant container from Costco in two days), cottage cheese, mac and cheese, zucchini, corn on the cob (you just tried it the other day and LOVED it!) steak (pretty much the only meat you'll eat except for that you ate some chicken the other night but only when I told you it was Daddy's and you thought you were stealing it from him, muaha!), blueberries, oatmeal, waffles, watermelon, blackberries, really any kind of berry really, yogurt, cucumbers, guacamole, beans, cantaloupe, banana bread muffines and smoothies that Daddy makes you out of bananas, blueberries and milk. You also loooove ice cream but who doesn't. The other night your Nana and Papa came over for dinner and at dessert time you sat with Nana because you knew she would share and then when she was done you came over to mooch off mama. I happily shared with you.

Some of my favorite things about you: when we're on a walk and you look up and me and say, "hi mama"...I know it comes from a happy place in your heart; love how you say "bye bye" to everything, "bye bye home" when we pull out of the drive way, "bye bye mail" when we are done getting the mail, "bye bye Starbucks"; when you run and jump on my bed and pillow and laugh hysterically because I pretend it makes me really mad and you think it's hilarious, your MiMi started that game with you; when I hear you singing to yourself in the house, usually singing "happy birthday dear Annabel" in a really high pictched voice; how you ask to watch "Babies" (AFV) when it's time to go to bed because you know that's Daddy's favorite show, during football season you ask to watch "go ball"; you will call yourself a turkey before I get a chance to, like when you steal the remote control from me you will run away and show it to me from across the room and say, "turkeeee"; you add an "eee" to everything...."I'm cold-eee", "my phone-eee"; you've started calling us "mommy-o" and "daddio" just to be silly; you are very independent and kinda bossy sometimes, you will tell me to NOT cut things for you, demand to hold things, and say "Emmy self!!!" whenever you see me cooking because you want to make it very clear that you plan on feeding yourself; you love your Crocs; you love sitting at the computer and saying "my typing!!"; if I can't find something it's likely that you put in in your microwave (like my keys, my phone, your snack, etc.); you will do something funny and then yell "watch!!!!", whenever we are dancing you say "watch daddy!!!" so that he will watch us and of course he does; oh Emersyn, there are just too many cute things to name!!!

You love music. You love Carrie Underwood and ask to listen to "party" (Undo It) and "cowboy" (Cowboy Casanova). You also love the "elmo" song (Jason Mraz's Sesame Strett version of "I'm Yours"). You love the worship music and church and love dancing in the car. Recently you have started pretending you are snapping to the music and it's adorable.

Emersyn Grace, you live in the moment. Your mommy is a planner to the core. Sometimes I will be telling you about the fun things we have planned for the day or even the week and you are quick to remind me of what we need to do first. Like we will be eating dinner and I'll ask you if we should go on a walk after dinner and you'll say "eat dinner first". You like to tell me what needs to be done "first". It encourages me to enjoy the present, not be so anxious for the future. You are wise beyond your years sweet girl.

You are learning your ABC's and can sing much of the song. You love your "Letter Factory" DVD and are repeating all the letters and phonetic sounds; you are very smart. You can count to three, love to say "ready set go" and are a good little helper around the house. You can pick up your toys, put away some of your laundry and love to wipe down surfaces with baby wipes.

Yesterday I was doing some chores around the house and I was very aware that you were both observing me and copying me. I know you are watching me and this is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I promise to be the best woman I can be for you to look up to. Becoming your mother has changed me forever sweet girl and everything good that is in my life is because of God's grace and His goodness. You are a tremendously blessed little girl. Your parents both love each other and you very much. Your daddy and mommy work hard to provide a wonderful lifestyle for you. You have many many incredible people in your life that love you and us to pieces and for that we thank God every day.

I pray that your life as a 2 year old is blessed with health and happiness. I pray that you continue to learn and grow and that God guides me as your mama. He is so faithful and I thank Him every day for you and your Daddy. Thank you for the sunshine and joy that you bring to my life.

I love you forever and ever Emersyn Grace.

Love, Mommy


KellyW said...

Welcome to 2 Emersyn! It's a great age and we're loving it over here with Ryan. It only gets better and better. Have a super day!!

Tyler said...

How sweet!! Happy Birthday Emersyn!!!!! Gosh I wish we lived closer... the girls are only 2 days and an hour and half apart ;) They would be great buddies! Hope yall have a wonderful day today..soak up the moments (((YOU))))

Melissa said...

So sweet. and that is the cutest invitation ever! I wish i lived near so i could come! HAHA! Would love to meet you & your family. She is SUPER cute! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emersyn!

sister sheri said...

Happy Birthday, precious Emersyn! Somehow our children's birthdays can mean so much more for us then they can even imagine! I love how you love her!

A New England Girl said...

So, so beautiful. :)

Happy birthday to your sweet little girl.

OurLittleBlessingS said...

happy b-day Emersyn Grace!!!
what a sweet post!