Monday, August 16, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} It's official. I'm growing my hair out. I'm excited. I came to this decision for a couple reasons. One, I'm bored with my hair. Two, I believe that women reach a certain age where it's no longer okay for them to have long hair. I am not sure what age this is, nor do I think that I am anywhere near this age. BUT I do realize that I am still kinda young(ish) so I should rock the long hair while it's still cool on me. Wish me luck.

{2} This morning on the way to her Nana's house (where Emersyn goes while I am working in the afternoon), Emersyn says, "Starbucks time! no mama work.....Starbucks time, no mama work". It was adorable. I hadn't said anything about going to work OR Starbucks but it's just what her little mind thought would be fun.

{3} I have a fridge stocked with fresh fruits and veggies. Yesterday I went to Costco and bought sugar snap peas, strawberries, spinach and two bundles of bananas. My lunch today is super healthy and delicious. I really should have been a good wife and made Brett a lunch but I didn't get up in time. FAIL. Anyways, I am determined to get back on track with healthy eating and it's all about one meal at a time, one bite at a time.

{4} Last weekend while I was cleaning my bathroom, I got inspired to be sorta crafty so I found an old frame and printed this scripture onto some photo paper, framed it and placed it on my jewelry box (thank you Amancia) in my bathroom ..."The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Zeph. 3:17. I love it. SO encouraging and a great reminder while I am blow drying my hair. :)

{5} Somehow I totally hit the jackpot this weekend and got to eat dinner for FREE, bring nothing and hang out in airconditioned homes THREE nights in a row. Score.

{6} I had a really great coffee date with the director of women's ministries at our church on Thursday and I'm really excited about some new opportunities on my horizon ministry wise.

{7} I have a bazillion magazines just waiting to be read. Maybe someday. :)


Melissa said...

Love reading magazines! & totally agree w/ you about your theory on long hair!!

sister sheri said...

Looking forward to your new 'do! I will live through you vicariously.

Love that verse. Zeph. 3:17. In a beautiful frame sitting by the kitchen sink.

I know, right? I was looking at my stacks of magazines and teeter tottering between just tossing them or wondering if I would be sorry that I did!

So excited about your ministry opportunities! I think you are the cat's meow!

Julia said...

Hey friend! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to tell you one thing that came to mind while reading. I wanted for a long time to make Jeff's lunches for him (it was always very important to him--I think his love language is lunches :) but he leaves super early. So for the last 2 years I have been making his lunch when I clean up from dinner/put away leftovers/set up our coffee for the AM. It works particularly well if he is cool taking leftovers of whatever we had for dinner (the whole 2 birds thing) but even if I am making sandwiches or putting together something from scratch (he likes caesar salads and lots of wrap sandwiches) it only takes a few extra minutes. I get it done quickly because I am working in the kitchen and can soak a pot while I make a sandwich, and then cut up fruit or broccoli while the coffee is grinding. It only adds a few minutes on at the end of the evening (I do have some fail-safe ideas for when I don't want to make anything--yay noodle bowls!) and I can even leave him a little note or treat, and then it's waiting for him in the morning. I know your schedules are different from ours, but you might want to give it a try. I always have things on hand that he likes, and often can even have a couple options. Once you do it for a week it becomes easier and not a hassle. Hope it helps, friend! :)