Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} This weekend I both ironed my husband's work shirts and painted my own toenails. These are tasks that I used to believe should be done entirely by professionals. I am starting to think otherwise *gasp*. I haven't gotten a single pedicure this summer, unheard of for me. It's not because I haven't wanted one, more a lack of time and child care. I am hoping to get one this month though.

{2} I actually kinda liked ironing Brett's shirts. The iron and ironing board was already set up in our guest room from when I ironed a dress of Emersyn's on Saturday and as I hung up Brett's very wrinkled wrinkle free shirts, I decided to press them and be a good wife. I found ironing to be kind of relaxing, similarly to vacuuming. It was rather time consuming though which surprised me. While I ironed his shirts, I prayed that he would get promoted soon. :)

{3} If you ask Emersyn where she wants to go, she will say "Starbucks!!!".

{4} PF Changs Happy Hour is amazing. I love love love me some lettuce wraps.

{5} I really really really love my husband and daughter. They are my favorite.

{6} I haven't Shredded like I said I was going to in my other blog. Naughty. I had a sinus infection though so that's the excuse I am going to go with.

{7} I feel like I am really behind on certain things in life. Anyone else ever feel like that? I need to catch up on emails, reading, ministry stuff, etc.

{8} Miscellaneous picture. Emersyn did this herself and thought it was hilarious. I agreed.Tell me this doesn't make you smile. I dare you. Also, disregard the laundry on the floor. This was like the day after we got home from our trip.

Happy Monday!!!


Tyler said...

How cute.. she is soo sweet :) My hubby wishes I thought ironing was relaxing ;) I do NOT like to iron.. just not even a little bit! Oh well I do it because I love him.. hope you have a great week girl. Can't wait to hear all about that birthday party

Melissa said...

She is so cute! & you are the woman! IRONING! I hate it!! I always say i'll get a pro to do it if i have to! I never have... somehow Brad's shirt don't wrinkle too bad! But man i hate to iron!

I also cannot give myself pedi's. I figure when i'm thinner i can??? I painted my toes this weekend but it is a very bad job! LOL.

KellyW said...

I have a friend who finds ironing so therapeutic that she irons EVERYTHING. I mean, sheets, her 3 kids' clothes before school every day..and she's a teacher. NOT! I loathe the iron. I love the pic of Emersyn. So cute! What a little stinker!

Mrs. Buck said...

Ironing is one of my most hated chores - but I also dont want to spend the money to have someone else do it - I need to get a better system in place!

Love that pic of your daughter - so funny!

sister sheri said...

My sister-in-law loves ironing... she has some lavendar spray or something she uses on the sheets!

Hey, if you need childcare... my services are available!